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  1. And as @Slartibartfast said...
  2. Well I haven't shopped at Walmart in over a decade, nearly two, but I would assume so since it's available in most department stores that have even a slightly decent Automotive section. But it's all but guaranteed that every part store. Could just be "bad gas" as people call it, in which case dilute it with earlier fill ups.
  3. Others results may vary, but I personally have never experienced a problem running a higher octane than the vehicle as spec'ed for... when we are talking about standard regularly available octane's at the pump. But I've also never experienced an increase in performance doing the same. I used to subscribe to the, "there's better cleaners in premium fuel" idea, but found that adding a bottle of Chevron Techron additive every now and then accomplished the same and saved money compared to regular fill-ups with premium. However the results in the reverse of that situation have been different for me. Putting in a lower octane has been a problem. My current car is spec'ed premium 91+. And if I put mid-grade in it (89) octane it runs like crap. A while back a gas station attendant put in regular, 87, while filling it up even though I know I specifically said premium and right next to the gas cap there's a sticker that says 91+ only! I caught a little over half tank, stopped it and then topped it off with premium, but since I know how bad it runs off anything below 91, I didn't even risk it and immediately drove to the parts store and put in octane booster. Then the next two filling cycles were before I reached a half tank just to make sure. The reason I know how bad it runs off low octane fuel was compliments of a dealer who once did a courtesy fill up during a service, something they were doing for long-time customers. However a young, inexperienced and unobservant lot attendant was the one who took it to the gas station two blocks away to fill it up, and he put regular 87 in it. A mile or two down the road after picking it up that fuel had made its way into the firing chambers and I limped it back to the dealer. Almost had to call them to have them come get it. They drained the tank, flush the lines, refilled it with premium, refunded the cost for that regular maintenance service AND gave me my next regular maintenance service for free for the inconvenience.
  4. Is there enough in there to cause white smoke out the tailpipe? I've had it happen to a time or two, I'm sure it's not as uncommon as people like to think. The couple times it has happened, I've responded by putting a bottle of HEET in the tank.
  5. Banned for not recognizing auto-correct errors... and for pointing out that I missed it
  6. And for assuming that he does not
  7. Banned for jumping in with both feet, and getting it right!
  8. Banned for STILL concerning himself with my post length
  9. Banned for worrying about my post length

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