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  1. Does it work well for you? Have you had any problems and would you do anything differently if done again? BTW there's no issue with reviving old posts. Honestly it helps keep related info together
  2. It's been quite insane, 'cuz, ya know, every1 needz der internetz!!! Only if you never visit the NPORA Home Page
  3. You are correct, but it's been a long while since I've updated and added new ones. May still be a bit, I'll try and let you know when I start doing it once again. Also, I see you sent a PM a while ago. My apologies for not responding, I honestly didn't even see it as I have been slammed at work during the shutdowns.
  4. "Essential Worker" here... whatever that means.... Work hours up SUBSTANTIALLY, personal life, in any and all fashion, pretty much non-existent at this point... if either of those scenarios are even possible! I believe there are a few cases within the county, more one county over, including Veteran's Home deaths.
  5. Good job! I am going to have to do this on my drivers door again to my 88. Seems the aftermarket pins did not last as long as the factory ones..
  6. I'd give them a call, but as mentioned several times here on NPORA tell them you have a Hardbody and do not mention the word "Pathfinder" They used to be willing to sell the arms separately and directly. If they still offer them (probably in a leaf sprung Hardbody kit) they may still sell them alone if you ask nicely *don't forget to ask for the bushings and hardware as well! If not, then as @FirstGenFreak mentioned, you can go with Superlift arms (same thing, different finish)
  7. That's what I figured you were talking about. An Xterra rack, people have been putting them on WD21's for a long time now. I actually have one in the garage that I have never got around to installing. It's meant to replace the S10 rack I originally installed, and currently still have, on my '88.
  8. Forum was offline for less than 60 seconds for a minor software update.
  9. This thread may be of help, this of course kinda assumes that its a mirror image to the LHD models... https://forums.nicoclub.com/how-to-replace-cabin-air-filter-t440515.html
  10. I bought a cheap Bluetooth adapter years ago and used Torque (as mentioned above by @jjmwilkinson) Still use both of them to this day. It's proven to be very reliable and great for basic OBDII code reading. In addition to giving real-time information. The Adapter is actually plugged into my cars OBDII port full time. but note that I use these with Android, so YMMV. I remember when I was researching these things that iOS had compatibility issues with BT devices IIRC.. wasn't my focus so I don't remember exactly. But I see the one linked by @XPLORx4 uses WiFi, his word is good enough to trust in it, but if you look at other devices do your research to make sure they will work with your iOS version and device.
  11. Ditto, though I need to replace the entire exhaust system, which I have in the garage minus one minor custom coupling requirement, it still starts first on the first turn if they key. I kinda feel bad for only calling upon its services now and then lately. It's easy to just stick with the norm and drive the same vehicle, in this case the Lincoln, regularly. As such, I've decided to rotate more regularly between the two. Granted, we're only talking 4.4 miles per day between home and the company vehicle, on days I don't simply work from home. Plus what little I do on weekends, but it's something nonetheless.
  12. Drove it, as I have a more often than not over the past couple weeks.
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  14. First of all, I cannot agree with ^THAT^ enough, especially in today's world! And to them and everyone, Merry Christmas!
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  17. I bought an entire set new from a Nissan dealer a number of years ago, pricing was not bad at all. Definitely worth a call, at the least
  18. Forum was offline for less than 60 seconds for a maintenance update.
  19. https://jalopnik.com/does-tire-rotation-include-tightening-lug-nuts-michiga-1839270921 Keep in mind that this could be interpreted as being specific to this case. But also consider that president set in courts can and does have far reaching implications and can be hard to change once set. I'm not defending nor arguing against either side, just presenting this article for your review.
  20. I'll add in my agreement about a BL making certain work easier. I did a 3in years ago and like MrReverse, I never looked back either.
  21. As mentioned by Slart and Adam, check Wrecking yards and Importers. I replaced mine with a wrecking yard unit of similar mileage and.. other than issues directly related to the selling employee... once the swap was done, I never looked back! Please check your PM's as well
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