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  1. Has anyone out there tried or is running 2.5 spacers over stock or brand new springs in the front??? Wife wants more of 2.5 spacers and run 32 in tires with trimming, if I have to. I have a dakota and people said the same thing about my front end and said it's impossible and I have em on and been running for 6 months with em no issues, knock knock on wood. I was thinking 2.5 front and rear as we will be carrying cargo and extra people so she wants it a little higher I the back.
  2. I have seen your videos here recently looking for knowledge and you have OME and 1in spacer I understand but that means I can get away with 2-2.5 correct???
  3. Hey y'all new to this channel me and my wife just inherited a 2000 Pathfinder SE. We live at the beach as well as would like to go trail riding new times a year, so I am a mechanic as a full-time job and I have done a few lift kits in my life, I know about CV axle angles and how much of a pain it is to replace them and wear and tear etc. It's my wife's car and it's only going to be our off-road vehicle as I do have a Jeep, so what is the maximum spacer lift you guys recommended for the front and rear as we're looking to either level look or raking AKA nose diving an inch or less. We only live about a mile from the beach so on weekends we might put 8 Miles maximum on it. We live in the southern eastern part of North Carolina so are summers are very long and we will be taking it out probably twice three times a month on weekends. I don't care if I have to do some work by the end of the year on my CV axles or anything in the front suspension but I would like to at least have it last us a year so and not run into problems so I did a little bit of research and I found that maybe two inch is the maximum I can go but I was hoping I could do a two and a half inch spacer lift. Any and all input please like I said I'm a mechanic so I can do most if not all the work.

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