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  1. Awesome. Thanks. I took apart Cardone ones and they just pop off so I was kinda hoping for the same here. Cheers!
  2. I'm pretty sure I have to do this soon since I don't expect my Cardone temporary replacement to be a full time part, but I've ran into a problem. It seems the OEM joints are designed to not be removable so I don't know how to get the boots on. Are all OEM axles like this? Looks to me I might have to grind that off to remove the inner cup
  3. I read this post last week and found the website (looks like it's made in 1999). Tried calling them and couldn't get thru. Do they still exist? I'd prefer to reboot with these but as far as I can tell they don't exist anymore. Here's the website I found in the link, I'll try to post the thread here as well if I can find it. http://www.rockfordcv.com/
  4. OMG 75 L for $80?????? North of the border that costs me over $110CAD. How many miles will you get out of that? @Stpickens
  5. While driving yes. Yet rear wheel drive is perfectly fine. Sounds very much like it did when I had my aftermarket axles with the lift when cornering but I agree, I didn't think it made much sense either. Thanks for the tips, I'll look into that soon. I haven't kept up on the Lokka install yet but I'll take a look into that too. I look forward to seeing a SFD procedure down the road! Thanks for your help.
  6. Welcome! I'll add that SF Creations makes the spacers for our trucks too. Take a look at their website, I believe the guys that own that company are regulars here as well. Careful around the 2" spacers without SFD though, and also note that any aftermarket axles will have a worse operating angle than originals. @hawairish , I'm looking for some advice regarding my set up as well, which brought me to this thread. Can you help me out (or anyone else)? Thinking I have to do a SFD... I installed the SFC 2" spacers on top of Rancho RS5000 / OME HD strut assembly with oem axles and it sounds like I'm still getting binding in the axles BUT only when 4x4 is engaged. Have you heard of this happening before after a spacer install? I'm looking at doing the SFD sometime this winter as well to fix this, so how long would you say a SFD task would take for 1 or 2 guys in a driveway? Am I going to need an engine hoist? Is there a reliable procedure kicking around the forum? I'll continue digging around to see what I can find. Thanks!
  7. I'll add my set up because I'm getting issues and maybe this can help your case study. If there are any pinned lift threads, this should be involved. Sucks going through a build only to spend money on aftermarket CV's when they'll just break. CV Brand/PN: Cardone Markings: TBA Strut Brand/PN: Rancho RS5000 + OME HD Spacers: 1" SF Creations Binding: 2 - it binds on level ground. According to Rancho specs, the strut should match OEM dimensions, but I also have OME HD coils which according to their data adds 1/2" spring lift. With just this, I noticed light knocking but chalked it up to wheel rub on my bumper. Turns out it was light CV binding (1). I discovered this after installing the 1" spacer (1.5" total front lift) and the noise was accentuated, mostly at turns while driving. COULD be driven but we've determined it's unsafe to do so, thefefore level 2 binding. I think I might have my original CV's (please be OEM!) so I'm going to throw those back in and pray that works. After reading this post, I really hope your case study is right. Thanks for making the post.
  8. This is kinda what I'm thinking too. I'm not sure what he means by spindle seal though, but axle probably shouldn't be moving in and out of anything a 1/4". Maybe it moves just enough to nearly bind the CVs?
  9. Oh right on. Yah I installed mine back in late may/early june so they've only been on for ~4 months? So far I've had some pretty hard top outs and I think it might have broken the seals on one of my struts so I'm going back in there to replace those. I was kind of leaning toward keeping the HDs before your post but you've restored some of my confidence in them.
  10. @hawairish Hey Sorry to revive a nearly dead post, but I'm kind of confused about the free height differences on the different size springs. According to the chart I added I found on OME site all these springs should give a 0.5" lift to stock r50's. How does the free height change with a constant spring rate produce equal lifts? Am I missing something? I only ask because I have the 2928 and I find them a bit on the stiffer side (stock bumper/no front accessories) and I'm considering going to 2923 to get a bit of a smoother ride. But if all it will change is lift then obviously I won't bother. Also doesn't seem to be many ppl that opt for the medium duties...
  11. Do you have the fog light housing and just looking for the bulb? I've had pretty good luck finding simple parts at rockauto. https://www.rockauto.com/ It's hard to say what specific bulb it is without pulling one out and comparing but from what I can gather it's an H3 socket type. Might be best to try your local auto parts dealer.
  12. @PathyGig12 Thanks man! Much appreciated. I haven't gotten a lot of mentions yet but I know it still looks pretty basic without the roof rack and everything as my daily driver. Fully loaded it does balance out a bit, but yah it does kinda bug me still. Haven't tuned the headlights yet either so they point down too much. I ended up ordering 1" spacers and I have air bags that I'll try to fit in the rear again if the load gives me that negative rake. Hoping that levels it out more. @Fonze311 Right on man. I've read in another thread that 1.5" spacers are the max but I know how much information is on here and how all set ups can be different. This is the thread I found that info on, maybe that will help you too. Like I said, I have 1" spacers from SFCreations coming and throwing those in when they arrive. I'll try to remember to throw in an update post when it's done.
  13. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if I can get some advice on front lift options. I tried a heavy duty coil spring alternative to AC coils due to literally quite insane shipping costs ($200+ to Canada at the time) Installed: OME 2928 HD Front coils https://www.4wheelparts.ca//p/arb-old-man-emu-coil-spring-2928/_/R-BHWQ-2928 Bilstein B8 5125 Series 10" travel (col 15.91" ext 25.93") valving 255/70 Rear Shocks LR NRC9447 Rear coils This has put a 1.5" height difference to the rear and I'm not super happy with it. It sounds like the seals in the new struts are going so I have to upgrade those again so I want to fix this unbalanced lift once and for all. I'm leaning toward spacer options but I don't want to mess up the axles. It seems to me a sacrifice has to be made either way between top out on the struts or axle collisions with the control arm. Do you think there's a market for used front coils appx 7k miles? What are the limits for spacer lifts to avoid axle issues? There has to be some sort of absolute definition, no? At what point are camber bolts required? Cheers
  14. That's what I'm thinking too. Heard about these terra tracks but there doesn't seem to be a lot of experience with them out there and not being an LT I'm a little hesitant. Thanks for the nput!
  15. That's awesome. My neighbor has a set of those on his ranger and they look mean. Thanks for the suggestion!
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