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  1. Alright thanks alot. I just purchased my wheels and tires!! I've bought everything for my lift at this point, and will be doing my lift in a week or so during spring break. Will make a post documenting that process, as long as some before and after pictures. This has been a ton of research and reading but I think I'm gonna have a great lift here. Thanks to everyone who's helped out along the way.
  2. @PathyDude17 I did watch your video so that’s why I was surprised when to store told me that, so do you think I should just ignore what they said?
  3. I just talked to a local 4 wheel parts store that I was going to get my tires and wheels from, and he said that the -19 offset would push the wheels out too far and wouldn't work. I was surprised that he said that, because I thought that the go to offset was -19 in order to clear the strut. Has anybody had any problems with -19 offset and 3.75 backspacing? Looking to buy these PXA7069-5883 ProComp 15x8.
  4. How can a wheel have 3.75 inch backspacing and not have a -19 mm offset. I've been looking at the same wheel on different sites, and they are all 15x8 with 3.75 backspacing but all have different offsets how can this be possible?
  5. Looks great! Did u have any problems with the 15s fitting? I've seen a lot of Pro Comps that would work, but the pictures on the website are incorrect (showing only 5 lugs when the specifications say that its 6x5.5)
  6. I'm on the last step for this whole lift process. I have bought everything except for tires and wheels. I could not be more excited to get this whole project started. Also wanted to thank all of you for all the help you've provided me with. I'm doing a 2 inch AC lift and am hoping to fit 32's. I believe this will probably require some trimming but thats fine. (Probably BFG A/T at 32 x 11.5) I'm looking to get some black steel wheels with 3.75 backspacing. From what I've seen on forum a lot of people get some variation of pro comp wheels, or cragars I believe. The 98 pathfinder has a 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern. I read about some difficulties with 15 inch fitment conflicting with the brakes, but to my understanding since I have 15 inch wheels stock there should be any issues. Regardless, I am not opposed to throwing 16 in rims onto my build as I think that may look cool. But, I am having trouble finding 16x8 with -19 offset and 3.75 backspacing with the bolt pattern that I need. I'd love to hear some options regarding 15 or 16's and what would be the best for a casual off-roading daily driver. I also purchased some Warn hubs but I don't think that they'll have any issues fitting on aftermarket rims. So just any 15/16 x 8 inch rims with 6 x 5.5 inch bolt pattern and 3.75 backspacing.
  7. So you're running both sides Cardone? Only one of my boots is torn, is it wise to replace both halfs, or can I keep the other side OEM.
  8. I have a torn boot on my drivers side, and am planning on replacing the half axle when I lift my truck in two weeks. I have seen some bad things on here regarding the rockauto cv replacement options. What is the best option for a cv replacement, and where can I get it?
  9. So after all that, what is your recommendation for installing KYB struts and AC coils. Only hoping to have to do it once LOL. What was your experience with the KYB mounts, should I go for OEM replacements?
  10. So when you installed your AC coils did you just swap the strut and spring into your existing strut assembly or did you purchase any replacement mounts?
  11. I'm deciding to go with the KYB struts instead of the OME. After reading through countless posts I have some more questions. A lot of old posts talked about KYB GR-2 struts, but I can only find the excel-g. I believe that they are the same product but I just wanted to double check. This is the one I'm looking to buy on rockauto. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=503385&cc=1316833&jsn=10865 Also I have been reading a-lot about KYB strut mount failures, is this something to be concerned about. My car only has 60k miles on it, but I was just going to replace the whole strut assembly with this https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=503477&cc=1316833&jsn=16&jsn=16. Is this safe, and if it isn't will my stock mounts be fine, or should I look to find OEM replacements. Last, I haven't seen anything on installing AC coils. Should I try and compress the coils myself when installing or should I take it to a mechanic.
  12. So If I fork out the extra $400 for the ome struts will they work with the ac coils? Also what is the mounting situation, because I was going to buy a new mounting kit if I was going to go with the kyb struts. If the ac coils work with this strut and it will help with topping out it is probably worth it.
  13. Where can you buy different bushings for the 33-185552 shocks that would fit the 12mm?
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