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  1. $89 USD for shipping so $269.57 USD. This translates to $343.31 in CAD
  2. Thanks, I'll watch those videos I also has a question for you specially so I'm happy you responded to this thread. I started reading through your build thread and it was very interesting for me as your path is along the lines of what I hope to follow with my build. I read im your thread that you swapped your rear diff for one from and Xterra because it was an LSD? Do you still have that setup and if so, what's been your experience with it?
  3. So after quite a bit of pondering, I've decided to lift the Pathfinder 2" rather than opt for a much more difficult (in my head anyway) SFD. I've done some digging on here and I've decided on AC coils over OME coils as I'll be installing a steel bumper and winch sometime in the very near future. My only issue is that from what I've read, AC has very expensive shipping for most people and considering I'm in Canada, I can only assume the price will be even steeper for me. So my question is, is there an alternative to AC coils? I think I remeber reading that specific jeep coils are an option but I can't for the life of me find the post. I apologize in advance if there's already been a post about this but I just can't seem to find it if it exists.
  4. Well I'm dumb, I posted in the wrong year of pathys, mine is an r50.....
  5. @hawairish really hoping for your input ? I know you're pretty respected around here so thank you thank you lol
  6. So, I'm finally getting around to start planning the build more and pricing materials out. A few nights ago I was out offroad and I ripped my front bumper off (whoops) so now its kick started my project of fabing an offroad worthy bumper. Its also lead me to wonder what I'll need to do the SFD (sub-frame drop) so I was hoping someone would be able to give me a bit of instruction? Maybe tell me where to find the mounts lol and better yet, show me their builds and SFD. Thanks in advance friends, can't wait to get my girl looking like the beast she is. (I tried to attach an image of what she's looking like right now but it says the file is too big?)
  7. So what exactly is a subframe drop? Like how does it work and why is it so crucial? What does AC stand for? Also, thank you for your detailed response lol I've looked all over for info but I haven't had any luck until I stumbled across the forum. I guess I've got a bit of a challenge for my newbie self then eh? Ah well, I love to learn haha
  8. So I literally just joined the forum about an hour or two ago and it's truly a godsend, I feel like Pathys are so underrated and so parts (without knowing what to look for) are so hard to comeby. SO my big thing is that I want to get my gal lifted. I don't offroad very aggresively with her because I'm to afraid to get hung up on something and do some serious damage to my undercarriage which would be physically painful for me as I love my Pathy lol. Anyways, I've done some browsing but I'm so confused, could someone explain to me exactly what I need to do and how to do it? My goal would likely be a 3" inch lift. I'm also curious as to what kinds of modifications (if any) everyone has done to their engines. I want more hp out of my v6 and I've read that the vq35de reacts well to bolt on performance parts but I honestly just don't know where to begin to look. What does everyone's exhaust set-up look like? I crave a more aggressive sound than what my stock offers but every part store I look to doesn't seem to offer what I'm looking for. Could someone provide me with some solid links to where they find their parts?

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