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  1. LOCAL BAR!!! (WHY are we yelling? )
  2. Banned for thinking that I wrote that guideline
  3. Welcome to NPORA!! And congrats on discovering Pathfinders. But... "Reply if active" ...please tell me that we're not turning into a YouTube comments section clone. February (the short month) statistics... New Members: 63 New Topics: 75 New Posts: 1100'ish Anonymous users getting information and help from NPORA: Way too many to count!
  4. As mentioned by @SpecialWarr & @Slartibartfast, this is a common problem on aging Pathfinders, as mentioned at the bottom of the first post of this thread...
  5. Banned for not reading guidelines
  6. Banned for needing to be tempted
  7. Banned for taking the weird to a new level
  8. Banned for being on the same page... as me.

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