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Mr. Jim's Fund Stickers


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Today I got approached to see if I would be interested to help raise funds for Mr. Jim's reunion with his owner. Simply put, without NPORA, there's no way my truck would look and feel the way it does. The amount of help and knowledge available here is second to none. I am proud and honored to be able to help someone that deserves it like this.


Soooo , I quickly designed 5 exclusive NPORA stickers that I hope you will put proudly on your trucks. The samples and the size are not interchangeable because at one point I have to draw a line and also when the letters become too small it is very difficult and time consuming to make them. This mean if you choose sample 1, you get the text and the size that you see. You still can choose the color though ! Here they are :


SAMPLE 1: Size : 11” X 4”



SAMPLE 2: Size : 11” X 3”



SAMPLE 3: Size : 6” X 2”



SAMPLE 4: Size 6" X 6"



SAMPLE 5: Size 6" X 6" **** WILL BE SINGLE COLOR ***




I will take orders by PM ONLY and will be updating this post to show the order status and the amount that you have contributed for the cause. The price will include the contribution and the shipping for either canada or USA. Here are the choices:


SAMPLE 1 : Price : 27$ CAD - Contribution to Mr. Jim’s Fund : 15$ CAD

SAMPLE 2 : Price : 22$ CAD - Contribution to Mr. Jim’s Fund : 10$ CAD

SAMPLE 3 : Price : 12$ CAD - Contribution to Mr. Jim’s Fund : 5$ CAD

SAMPLE 4 : Price : 22$ CAD - Contribution to Mr. Jim’s Fund : 10$ CAD

SAMPLE 5 : Price : 22$ CAD - Contribution to Mr. Jim’s Fund : 10$ CAD


These are the colors available :



1) Green

2) Red

3) Black

4) Yellow

5) Gold

6) Navy Blue

7) Brown

8) Light Blue

9) Grey/silver

10) White



The payment will be done by PayPal and I will do everything that I can to have a turnaround time of 1 week to make and ship them.




Send me a Private Message with ALL of these information:

1) Full Name

2) Full shipping address

3) Email address for paypal invoice

4) SAMPLE(X) of the sticker you want

5) Color of the sticker

6) INSIDE or OUTSIDE application



Make a move…make a difference !




Current Orders:




List of contributors :

1) Beavis0076 : 15$

2) Colbywan : 10$

3) TheCrow : 20$

4) Judge : 10$

5) dududuckling : 20$

6) laxman0324 : 5$

7) TerranoNZ : 20$

8) beastpath : 15$

9) Nunya : 15$

10) Jeenyus : 35$

11) cbr120 : 5$

12) Precise1 : 30$

13) RJSquirrel : 30$

14) Balmer : 15$

15) Punkfinder : 10$

16) trevor : 10$

17) 94Pathyman : 10$

18) luis : 15$

19) zeppelindrummer : 25$

20) Smashfinder : 10$

21) hayd : 10$


Total funds accumulated : 335$


Total funds TRANSFERED : 335$

Transfer Date : August 18th (243$ USD - Paypal Conversion Rate = 275.53 CAD - Thanks everyone..

Transfer Date : August 25th (9.00$ USD - Paypal Conversion Rate = 9.98 CAD

Transfer Date : August 25th (4.50$ USD - Paypal Conversion Rate = 4.99 CAD

Transfer Date : August 30th (31.50$ USD - Paypal Conversion Rate = 35.31 CAD

Transfer Date : Sept. 20th (9.25$ USD) - Paypal Conversion Rate = 10.16 CAD






Please read these instructions all the way through before starting your application. The surface must be clean, and free of all oils, waxes and dirt. Use Windex or a comparable cleaner to clean the glass. If you use RainX, try Formula 409 to remove it. On painted surfaces wipe with a wax remover or alcohol if applying on freshly waxed paint. These Decals come to you in three layers. The top layer is called the Transfer Tape. It looks somewhat like regular masking tape. The middle layer is the actual Decal. The bottom layer is a Backing Paper treated with a release agent.




You will need a needle, a drivers license or a similar type squeegee. Try to apply Decal at room temperature ( 55 to 75 degrees) or above. The warmer it is, the better it works, but, try to avoid the direct sunlight. Take the drivers license or squeegee and flatten the Decal on both sides by rubbing over it. If your Decal was shipped rolled, lay it out flat and let it relax for an hour or so. The Decal will be easier to handle if flat. Next, try to make sure the air bubbles are removed as much as possible. There shouldn't be any bubbles but a few at this point.


Double check to make sure that your Sticker where meant for the inside or outside application. 99% of the time they will be for the outside. Turn the Decal upside down on the transfer tape and pull backing off SLOWLY. The backing is the heavier gauge paper. Using a needle or similar pointed object, hold edges of letters and all small areas while pulling away the backing. If a letter moves, just position it back into place by pushing backing down and move letter back to original position.


Now your ready to apply the Decal. Hold the Decal over your desired location and slowly apply the Decal to the surface. Try to touch the surface first at the center of the Decal and then flatten out to the sides. Next, use your drivers license or squeegee again to flatten as much of the Decal as possible. The transfer tape will allow you to rub the decal without damaging it.


Peel back an edge of transfer tape Slowly, your going to be watching for the small letters and corners, to make sure they are sticking to glass, and not to the transfer tape. Remember, patience is the key here. Do not rush. Once the transfer tape is removed, take your fingers and rub gently over the corners and points of your decal to make sure they are glued firmly to the surface. If by chance you have an air bubble(s), use your needle and give the air bubble(s) a small poke, this will create a small hole for the air to escape. Press around the air bubble, working the air to the small hole. The bubbles may disappear after a day or two.


REMEMBER, Once the Decal touches the glass or paint, it cannot be moved again. Patience is the key.

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Just curious for us US members who are too slow to be able to convert $$?


And thank you for the step up for the cause :aok:

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I'm not 18 and don't have a PayPal. My father did have an account but because they are EVIL he kicked them to the curb.


I want a sticker, but if it's only PayPal then I'm out of luck and so is the extra donation to MrJim.

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Ya know, I was just gonna suggest this....but didn't hink whoever was doin the stickers would want it to cut into their profits XD



But just my opinion....I think the 3rd would look better if you put the subtext on bottom....atleast, thats always what's work for me when designing banners and logos and such :S

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i'm sorry, paypal is evil and i don't do evil. :)



are any of the colors reflective? thanks


E-mail transfer via your financial institution is another option. :aok:


Just curious for us US members who are too slow to be able to convert $?


And thank you for the step up for the cause :aok:


Currency conversion can be found here:


http://www.xe.com :D

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I'll think what are the other options I would accept, b ut for those willing to use paypal, I will be sending you an invoice when I have shipped the sticker. I do not want to take any money before I can deliver the product.

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Western Union ? Moneygram ? Mail certified checks/money order/postal orders/whatever is good as cash and can be deposited in Canada ? Judging by the ads and my inbox, there's no shortage of methods to part your money from you...

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cost in $US please


This is always changing daily... an easy way i found to get an idea is to type this in the google search window : "27 CAD in USD" without the quotes... you'll get the amount in today's exchange rate or so...

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That looks great and it is for the cause!! You said you wanted stickers?? Well, here they are!! :D

We knocked this about a bit today and I'll say you a hell of a job!!


I'll be ordering some in a day or two, reason being I don't have paypal (because it is evil). What I will do is arrange for someone (who fornicates with evil) to forward funds for the stickers, for which I will gladly pay on Tuesday. Trust me, it works... ;)


Thanks much for the effort, we owe you. :beer:



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what do the stickers say? (i cant get the pics at work)



They say I'D RATHER BE IN CANADA eh! in big letters and there is an upside down U.S. flag








heh heh he


I know it's a late reply but in my mind it's hecka funny!!! muaha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

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I don't mean to ruffle feathers, but I'd rather see one that pertains to the event. I mean, the NPORA stickers are just that, NPORA stickers and they're available just about anytime for anyone.


How about designing a small one that says "Save Mr. Jim" or "Mr. Jim Lives!"? Something a bit more commemorative and unique to this fundraiser.


Maybe a circular one that says "I gave a bit 'cause I gave a sh*t" around the outside and a big NPORA or Mr. Jim thru the middle?


I mean, this is kind of a big deal, I think. It's not like I'm on tons of web forums, but this kind of thing doesn't happen everyday in the auto/truck community, does it? I've never heared of any other web-based clubs' members coming together this way to help out someone whom they've never met and (for 99% of us) will never meet get their vehicle back. I'd like people to ask me what it means when they see it on my truck.



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