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  1. If while running I show 14.3-14.4 volts can I assume the alternator is properly charging the battery?
  2. My OEM's were 31x10.5x15 but the OEM spare was not that size.
  3. After I jumped the wires my battery was dead the next morning. Now I remove the jumper when not in use until I can find a cheap hazard light switch - No more dead battery. Jumping the wires must cause a slow drain on the battery when not in use.
  4. For you all that have snorkels, how did you attach the snorkel to the A pillar by the door?
  5. Looking for a working hazard light switch compatible with a 93 WD21.
  6. That did it, flat head screwdriver at top middle of plate and a whack with the hammer. I was afraid I was going to tear up the gasket but it came out ok. That thing was caked full of build-up, got it all cleaned out and EGR seems to be functioning correctly also. Unfortunately my pathy is still running like @!*%, let the troubleshooting continue...
  7. How do you get the EGR Diverter off? I got the bolts out and tried to pry it off with a flat head screwdriver but it is like baked on I guess, it wouldn't budge.
  8. Yep, I agree. The new hazard switches I found were all around $40, jumping the wires was free. Hopefully this will help some one else eventually.
  9. Well I finally fixed the dam turn signals. I'll share my solution: first make sure it's not the flasher that is bad. I bought a new one, took it home and installed it - didn't fix the problem so I took it back and got a refund. The connector that plugs into the hazard light switch has numerous wires coming into it, jump the red striped with yellow wire to the brown striped with white wire - that fixed mine, now I have turn signals again.
  10. Me too. Door lock timer behind rear driver side panel in back.
  11. How do you get the connector unplugged for the sensor going to the ECM?
  12. The hazard switch appears to be just as it should be. Rocks back and forth smoothly and performs its job as intended. I added a ground to the current setup at the flasher plug harness and that did nothing but blew the hazard light fuse when I turned the hazards on. I put a new flasher in and I didn't get the buzzing noise but the turn signals still do not light up appropriately. Does the hazard fuse blowing after adding a ground to the black wire connection in the harness indicate proper performance or not?
  13. Can any of you all that know how to look at the electrical diagrams tell me which wire going to that flasher is the ground?
  14. So I found this link. After searching under the steering wheel I located the flasher, I confirmed that this is where the buzzing noise is coming from. So the fix here sounds promising, does anyone have a pic on how the flasher is removed? I cannot see how it is attached due to the way it is installed.
  15. Could this possibly be a faulty headlight/turn signal switch?
  16. That pic is gone, u still have it slartibart?
  17. Anyone have a diagram of where the ground points are in a 90 - 95 WD21?
  18. I don't know how to read electrical schematics but one thing I noticed that could be common between the dash brake warning light and the turn indicator (blinker) is grounding. Would it be possible that a faulty ground could cause this issue?
  19. I have experienced some strange things in my pathfinder like the doors locking by themselves (door lock timer), rear cargo light staying on, etc... Well here is a new one, when I turn on my blinker my Brake light comes on and makes a buzzing noise and the blinker doesn't blink. Anyone experienced this before? What could be causing this? Video below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nfq3fxorp2i208/20190129_070753.mp4?dl=0
  20. Is there a sensor for the idle air control? If so where is it?
  21. Any posts that show how to delete the EGR? I dont have smog so I can just delete it if I knew how. Not real familiar with the EGR.

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