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  1. Did you ever figure this out? Im having the same issue.
  2. Hope I'm not being a pest with all these questions...Im about 20 years late to the Pathy party! LOL So, now that I have working power door locks, I thought I would attempt to get the keyless/alarm working. Currently the red led on the switch (center console) constantly flashes (fast) regardless of which position it is in. I normally just leave it off. I ordered a key fob from eBay, it says Pathfinder on the fob and the seller said it was for my year. Got the fob, found the programming instructions and the TSB (thank you to the poster). My hood switch was broke, so I got a new one from a local stereo/alarm shop and it fits perfect. When I cycle the ignition, and then hold down the program button on the module (under seat), I get 4/5 quick muted "clicks". I assume its form the alarm horn? then the module beeps in 1 second intervals and will not accept the key fob signal. It keeps that pattern for a minute or 2, or until I cycle ignition. I never get the horn blast. I did get the impact sensor to trigger the alarm a few days ago, so I know the siren works. I also found another programming sequence I found, very similar in steps (never cycle ignition) that caused the same 4/5 "clicks" but then the module would beep slower, 3 sec intervals? If I then pressed the key fob button the module would react to the button press. No confirmation beep though, and never programs. I think this proves the fob is at least working??? Any one have any advice or tips? You have all been awesome so far! Thanks in advance...again.
  3. It was the timer. Replaced with a junk yard box and all is good. Thanks all.
  4. Thanks again for all the help. Found my circuit breaker, it has power to it. Also found a bunch of relays and they all worked fine. Nit sure if one was the lock relay or if I didn’t find that one.???
  5. That big round thing is what Im looking for, the circuit breaker.
  6. Thank you for the clue! I found the service manual and found that power goes through circuit breaker 211M. Found that 211M is "supposed" to be behind the kick panel on the passenger side....nope. Or, at least I couldn't find it. I did find the power window amp, but no CB. There is a reference for a '90 Pathy and 211M is drivers side, near the fuse block. Will check there tomorrow.
  7. I don't know if Ive posted on here yet...must be the age? LOL Anyway, picked up a '95 Pathy XE a few weeks ago. 160k but the motor and trans are still strong. Had a few little issues I have solved already (cruise control, tach, exhaust leaks, etc). Next problem on the list is the Power door locks. I have not completely gotten into it yet, but I have taken apart and cleaned the switch on the drivers door (the one with the window controls as well) and that seems fine. All my fuses seem to be ok, but there is absolutely no movement, no click, no nothing when I press the lock/unlock button. I keep hearing about the door lock timer, but reading the symptoms of that, it doesn't seem to fit my issue. Any tips or advice on where to look before I start pulling door and interior panels? Thanks in advance...
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