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  1. Hey all long time no see...going to check out an 11 pathfinder today. Can anyone help out and provide some insight on this model year? Any common problems or things to look for? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys and gals
  2. the pump is likely fine. the sender is shorted out. not recommended but u can put a 15a fuse in and i bet it runs for a mile before it pops again haha. get a new or junk sender will work just fine, pump is not needed just swap. it to the new assembly cheers
  3. its the sending unit bud. i created that thread a while back. its not the pump...go grab a junkyard sender ifound mine on craigslist...guy was parting out a 91...although part numbers for 87-89 and 90-95 senders are different i can confirm thay a 91 sender will work in the 89 cheers!
  4. I just snatched a chts connector from advance $7. Exact fit. Had to splice the other ends but it fits the temp sensor. It was part #28423 at advance...cant seem to paste the link
  5. Ok, checked everything again. Seemed ok. Pulled the chts connector while it was surging and it evened out but still high idle. Buttspliced a new chts connector on and its back to normal...wtf?
  6. I pulled the air assembly off but doublechecked everything seems good...bout had it with this rig
  7. so I got everything bac together and now i have a surging idle....idles at 2300 rps and then starts surging to 1800 back to 2300...Also put a new coolant temp sensor in but still surges like crazy...does this sound like a timing issue?
  8. I have the cam and crank marks aligned...i will post some pics when i get home 9pm et... i just want to be 100% sure im doing this @!*% right
  9. I have the cam and crank marks aligned...i will post some pics when i get home 9pm et... i just want to be 100% sure im doing this @!*% right
  10. I just read that whole thread....thought I had everything all set....double checked by pullin dizzy cap and saw that Im not at #1 so im at a stand still ....its more pointing to 6 oclock....where as the #1 is at 7 oclock...
  11. Excuse my ignorance fellas, Doing Tbelt and water pump.... Trying to set what I think is TDC...I have the cam marks aligned and the indicator on the cover is pointing at the 0 mark on the damper. But the rotor isn't pointing at the 1 spark plug...its off a little pointing more to where the coil wire would go on the cap. First time doing this so I want to make sure its right before i go any further...I searched around and looked in my haynes but its kinda vague. what am I missing here? Can anyone shed some light? I have 1 day to do this..
  12. Thx for the insight fellas... Will check and report back what i find
  13. 89 Pathfinder 130k auto Power light is flashing again on my rig everytime ....Shifts real hard! and seems late between 1st and 2nd on light to medium throttle, will slam into 2nd around 2700rpm ...If Im wot it doesnt slam into 2nd but still jerks noticeably. . Ran A/T diagnostics and get the "Throttle position sensor shorted or disconnected" code.... Checked the ecu and get 55....no codes found...Idk why it would throw a tps code on the ATU and not the ECU.? Followed fsm procedure and checked tps at the connector on the throttle body and at the AT unit in the rear speaker panel with meter and it's within range with no fluctuation or softspots I can see on the meter....In the last couple months, only once the power light didnt flash a code on startup and the truck shifted like a top...anyone have any insight where I should go from here? I would hate to piss away the $ on a new tps before I check everything I can..
  14. to check the booster is airtight just give the pedal a pump or two with the key off.... your pedal should be stiff if the booster is airtight
  15. fyi, the best deal on a master i found that was in stock was advance ...if u order anything online thru nov30 and use promo code NV27, you get 15% off anyting over $50 and get $25 off a $50 purchase the next time.... i went with a cardone reman, and it was a oem nissan topico unit and came with 4 plastic bleeder nipples and hose (these m10 nipples can be a bitch to find in stock if u need them) total price with core exchange was $65 plus the $25 promo i get back ...not too bad

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