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  1. I couldn't resist that sweet R50 racing uphill
  2. Congrats , it was a close one , like i said that R50 with the mean tires is irresistible .
  3. Either one of the suggested sizes will rub at stock suspension .
  4. Uncc's picture is very cool , but that R50 with these tires heading the J33ps can't be resisted .
  5. Thanks 01 , That is a good news from someone who has been there and done it .
  6. Time to change my tires I have put on them 85,000 km and some of them have come bold . I have noticed that the tires on my wife’s FJ still have 50% thread though I fixed them around the same time . So I had this idea to fix the new set on her FJ and swap the old 285 / 75 / R16 to the pathfinder , since they will eventually get dry even before she consumes the thread . I have done some trial as shown in the pic below but Although the wheel of the FJ didn’t fit in on the Path but I managed to have a trial as shown below , and I was surprised with the much unexpected difference between the 285s and the 265 I already have on my Path , and noticed those two major points to deal with : 1. I have noticed was the strut tower can’t be cleared by the tire. 2. The tire will rub against the wheel well even when straight. 3. The weight difference between the 285 and the 265 . I am thinking that I can get around it by adding to my OME lift 1.5” wheel spacers / 1” front strut spacers and 1” back coil spacers . Have anyone had a similar set up ? with 285s BFG AT ? I am asking because I still have doubts whether they will fit Your input is highy appreciated . What an exhausting and dehydrating task to change the tire in a 50 Celsius and 80% humidity wont be doing that again soon
  7. what a mean R50 i love it . How is your IFS handling all this extra stress ?
  8. Whoooha nice to come get back to the forum after being away for a while and get welcomed back with a TOTM win Thanks for your votes and glad u like it Mwatters
  9. Sad to hear about it Steve , I have always admired your truck . Looking at the other full half of the cup , you are still in production I understand you about being away from off road , i have been away myself for the last year , but there is always an inner voice calling to hit the dirt , and at the first oppoertunity i shall , and hopefully will see you wheeling again .
  10. So far a close race between the WD's crawl and the R50 Fury
  11. Been a loooooong time since i was here again and , wow does it feel good to be back again in the pathifnders world . Sand is all i got here in this Peninsula
  12. On the contrary the FJ out wheels and tougher than any Nissan except the real Patrol and Nissan decided to stop building real offroad by discontinuing its Patrol production . I know iam putting myself under attack for saying so on a Nissan forum but I own an FJ and a 4Runner and both of them out wheels my R50 . Back to the R50 X terra choice they wheel the same except the R50 is way smoother on the road. So if your offroad is moderate fix her my 2 cent advise .
  13. That is one R50 that make me drool , felicitation bien meritee
  14. Beeen a loooong time since January away from the forum , congrats Slick
  15. Thanks goodness for your safety , may god be with those affected.
  16. I am just checking on our fellow members from New Zealand , how are they ? and hope that the Quake didn't affect them or their families .
  17. Is my eyes or the pictures are not showing ?
  18. Hehehe boys will always be boys , no matter how old we grow . I play collin Mc Rae Dirt 2 and Red Dead Redemption Completed 007 Quantum of Solace . And I have an urge for the GT5 , I have seen it in the mall where you can test it with an LED screen and a seat with pedals and steering wheel , but I felt shy to line up with the kids awaiting their turn or to kick out the kid out of the seat so i could try it It has been a while i didnt play due to the lack of time .
  19. Been away for a while , thank you all . R50 can too
  20. Thanks , it is a good way to start the year with NPORA
  21. It is all good , Kingman you need to take it easy on the newbie(s)
  22. I have the same size of tires AT and no issues with the strut though it looks scary with only few mm of clearance .

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