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    R50 chilkoot stock, 5speed. Plans for lift, ARB Bullbar, offroad lights, safari rack, safari snorkel, 35`s, winch, all that good stuff :).
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    Kelowna BC

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  1. You guys can get em now! 25 years old. I'll likely be selling mine to go down south in the next year or so.
  2. You guys can get em now! 25 years old. I'll likely be selling mine to go down south in the next year or so.
  3. PlastiDip. Mine has lasted 3 years, with lots of trail abuse.
  4. Yeah, im not a fan of the "Nissan GTR" or R35. Ive always been in love with r32's and r34's! My plan is to get an R34 GTR as a daily within two years and finish my r32 build into a full non street legal track car. Mine is a 1991 r32 GTS-T, i built a RB25 on the side for it and swapped it in. Low boost puts down 400whp on a DynoDynamics dyno!
  5. Mine does this too, 75% of the time the left is out, then randomly they come on. That 25% of the time they are on makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside. . But sometimes i like not having my gas gauge lit up because then I dont pay as much attention to how fast the gas gauge drops to zero haha
  6. Thanks man, I take it too shows like "illmotion" and also there is a show and shine every Wednesday at one of the local casinos. Where if you bring a car you get free chilli, hotdogs and two beers
  7. My car is actually up for sale. http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-1991-Nissan-Skyline-Sedan-400whp-RB25-swap-High-Quality-Parts-W0QQAdIdZ508553928 Not in a hurry to sell it. Also, the wheels are now dipped black, and it has a comp turbo sticker on the windshield and a "fueled by hate" sticker on the gas cap. I normally don't like decals but I had to get it ready for a show it was in over the summer. Have it a bit of character
  8. Haha yes I am talking in Canadian funny money. You can actually get an r34 GTST up here for 10k (mind you it may not be 10/10 condition, but r34 non the less). 10k for a r32 GTST up here is very steep, unless of course it is a well built specimen. There are plenty of 32 gtst's in the 4-6k range and r33 gtst's in the 5-8k range.
  9. VQ tranny's are actually a popular swap in the drifting scene. Lots of guys mat them up to Rb's and run 500hp all day long. I think they are more stout than people give them credit for! Also, a r32 GTR in canada for a decent one sets you back about 6-8k right now. I've got my eyes set on picking up a R34 GTR within a year. Thanks for all the love guys!
  10. Wicked! both the 240 and the R32 are Rb25 swapped and built motors. <3 Nissan! Here's the 32 a little fun in the rain, Let me know if that video link works, i'm trying it through photobucket Another little video
  11. From what I know, from talking to old muscle car guys, carb spacers ie:throttle body spacers, don't increase power, they increase midrange torque, just some food for thought.
  12. Hey thanks, I appreciate it! That is unfortunate, about the emissions in CA. Thank fully I have it nice up here in Alberta and can do basically whatever I want in terms of motor swaps and exhaust, without getting a slap on the wrist!
  13. I actually cant believe how awsome they are.. when the time comes that im looking for a big tire, like a 35x12.5 or something along those lines i would still consider AT2's to be one of the best choices. Id love to do the VK56 swap just not to sure on how deep i want to dig into my wallet for the pathfinder, after all it gets used and is a trail rig. 10k swap doesn' sound too appealing right now haha. Ive got a few spare motors sitting around so we'll see what i come up with! I definitely wouldn't build up the VQ tho, if i were to stick with VQ it would just be a stock replacement.
  14. Haha thanks those are the real projects, those two cars combined are close to 1000hp and yes they get driven. Its a GTS-T so rwd, just pop her in neutral. GTR's and GTS-4 are 4wd.
  15. Thanks! I absolutly love the AT2's. It is plagued with the Excessive oil consumption issue that some Vq's have (4L/1200kms) and its also developed a slight knock (which will lead to bigger knock down the road). It has 210,000kms on it right now

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