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  1. I am looking to achieve maximum height by adding spacers, I currently have OME springs with 1 inch spacer up front and 2.25 spacer out back, trying to achieve maximum height w/o rake
  2. Andy, I would like to do the same in regards to painting the grill, Please tell me how to remove it, i tried today without success...
  3. Hey guys, I started a r50 facebook page! Entitled: R50 Nissan Pathfinders Club (96-04 ) Please join and tell all your R50 friends as well. Do not mix this group up with the page entitled R50 Nissan Pathfinder. Post pics of your rig, sell parts, share information and whatever else R50 related. Here is the link below. https://www.facebook.com/groups/684554408273374/ See you there, Grant
  4. Looks like a pain to take the grill off !
  5. Be careful with the 15's. I heard only certain 15" wheels will clear the calipers. I went with the 16 and happy with it.
  6. I still have to order the rear coil 1.50 inch spacers this week, so add another $60 or so
  7. Thanks Austin Henry, I'm going to try and have discount tires send me the rims with the correct backspacing first, if not ill order the spacers you mentioned. IPATH, for the struts, shocks, camber adjustment bolts, springs and labor.... I think I spent about $800
  8. Hey guys, my receprtion on my 03' LE is horrible, the radio and all is stock. I would like to replace the antenna with a stubby that will screw right in with no mods, anyone know where I can find one?
  9. The problem is the top is the tire is maybe 1/4 of an inch from the coil with my camber still being off, once they align it the proper way, it's gonna touch the coil without even being in motion, so i need a wheel spacer, so it doesnt rub the coil.
  10. whats ur email, ill send you a pic and explain...
  11. Thanks for in info AZ pathfinder, Ill get started on mine, how do you get the 3 bars mounted to the roof off?
  12. any prep work to spray the grill with the plastidip? or just clean it and spray it. I used it once on old rims on my WD-21
  13. Anyone know if the qx4 grill will fit in a 03 path? Or what's the best way to black out my front grill, please nobody sugest plastidip. Not using it.
  14. I am in Central Jersey, Monmouth county. Can you recommend any good trail or offroading areas?

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