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  1. can u post a pic of those tail lights on ur truck?
  2. thought i was gonna be the first one to come out with em.....guess not
  3. all the codes got rid of themselves but i had a lil high idle issue. played around with the dist. but didnt do anything so went over to my buddys at infinity and he plugged in his fance OBD and just relearned the idle..........problem solved thanks for all the help guys
  4. it worked!!!! swapped the new one in. i just marked where the old one was and lined the new one up and it fired right up! even runs smoother now!!! only thing that i messed was i cracked the connector that plus into the distributor. It still goes on there snugly and does move but it doesnt clip in like it used to. I made sure that it doesnt go anywhere untill i can get a new plug. the other things is that now the SES light is on. I checked it earlier (before i swapped the distributor) and it read the knock sensor and fuel temp codes. I had the knock sensor code go of before and played around with it and it went off. So i dont think its anything serious. The fuel temp one i have no clue about it. I might have messed somethin up when i swapped out the fuel pump, i tried to be very careful with everything so I dont know whats up with that. Im gonna go by my buddys work tmrw at infinity and have him check the codes. Edit: Taro: sucks to hear about ur experience. im lucky mine worked right away. all the auto parts stores around here were chargin 250 atleast for a rebuilt one. I got very lucky that i found this place. 99 bucks and 1 year warranty. Delivered to my door the same day by a driver! Thank god i got it runnin to cuz im leavin for Vegas tmrw night for my girls 21st bday. Wooo Partaaaay!
  5. The guy is droppin it off later tonite so ill let u guys know
  6. found a whole distributor for 100 bucks. its rebuilt and 1 year warranty. most parts stores wanted atleast 250 for rebuilt! screw that!
  7. ok ill definetly check it out and see how i can cover it up
  8. clean the sensor with some alcohol. thats it I stuck my aftermarkey filter/cone thing right over that hole so that gets some cooler air from there also instead of all the warm air. So does that hole just drop down to inside the fender? Im thinking if i should cover it up also
  9. its not very hard to make them. just need long enough line, couple fittins, and a good tubing bender (dont buy harbor freight, it will break after the first bend!) I never did untill I couldnt get a replacement one for my s10 so i decided to make my own. Very simple and i was able to re run it the way i wanted too.
  10. I think im just gonna replace throw the optima from my s10 in since im not drivin it anyways. Im gonna call around a few places see what they got. My buddy works at an infinity dealer so he might be able to get one cheap
  11. ok so we checked the distributor and its arcing but very week. Its more white/yellowish color then the blue/red its supposed to be. So im thinking the coil might be the problem. Also checked the the wires on the fuel pump and when i just turn the ignition on it shows 12 but when i start cranking it drops down to about 8. I do have an old ass ****** battery in there so that might be it, but I ono. So can I buy coils separatelty for these or do they sell everything in on piece? Dont wanna have to spend a bunch if its just the coils or the cap.
  12. yeah it was 108 here yesteday! It was crazy i was all excited thinkin it was finally gettin cold so we could get some snow and then this @!*% happens anyways.... my buddys comin by today with the OBD to check to see if any codes popped up yeah it does sound like an electrical/dist. problem because i know for a fact im getting fuel up there so thats gotta be it. is there anyway this could be the alternator or no? Taro: How much did the distributor run u?
  13. ok bad news......so stuck the new pump in and changed the filter. I can definetly hear the pump running now. It started the first time and idled for a few min perfectly so i tried to go up the street and back and as soon i put it in second gear and gave it a lil gas it shut down. EXACT same thing it did the other day. It started up again after a couple tries so i got it back home and after that it would not start at all. So it seems like as soon i give it some throttle it just dies out. I cheched the wire connections on the sender/pump plugs with a test light (couldnt find my volt meter) and two of them seemed kinda dim compared to the other ones. Im gonna check the codes later tonite when i get home. Could it be a computer issue? Maybe one of the sensors? Kingman: Thats pretty cool man. So i just need to find where the interlock switch is on mine. It seems that it will only start if its been sitting for a lil while (cold) so the coils might be it.

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