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    x4 6' alpine SPS door speakers tom tom navigation jet v-force plus sony explode deck mossy oak seat covers all around .............. 31/10.5/R15 wrangler dura tracs 15x8 pro comp series 69 AC lift coils bilstern shocks KYB GR-2 struts HKS super hybrid optima yellow to battery missing link custom front and rear bumpers custom sliders custom roof rack x2 PIAA 520 lights smoked tails and corners
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  1. Mine looked a little goofy to mid process... and for my corner I just put a flat piece back... and then did a angle step down underneath. Looks good so far tho!
  2. sorry about the last ones quality... hard to get in there even with the phone.. but when you take off your front bumper youll see. i just used that mount on both sides and four bolts on the bottom
  3. just sent the pictures from my phone to photobucket so when they get there ill put em one here. thanks guys glad you like them
  4. Sorry been busy and haven't had much time to get on here lately. But I had to borrow a lot of equipment to make these, so not sure if I'd be able to make a few more.. I apologies. But I could talk to the shop and see if they'll partner up and make a bunch for you guys.. that way you guys could add and make them how you want them... I'm pretty sure they'll be a cheaper alternative as well.. ill try and get a hold of them this week and get back to you
  5. thanks everyone. and i thought about a winch and still am, but if i do ill get one that mounts to a reciver tube. if you guys want i could talk to the fab shop that let me use all there equipment, and see if they would be intreasted in making all these. That way you guys have another option besides KMA, and you could have them add and change whatever you want on them... just a thought.
  6. thanks, i sent i bunch to my photobucket. just waiting for them to show up and ill put them on here
  7. It's called a distribution box! Figured it out....
  8. Sorry... didn't mean to post twice... using the mobile version...

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