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  1. Welcome to the family fellow Kiwi. For any local help just ask me or Kiwipete
  2. On the square dash yes.... On the round dash right under the heater vents
  3. I'm sure this has been done before, but I'll go again. I BLAME DENNIS, no not Silverton. I joined this site and tried the user name Terrano.... FAIL. So I just added the NZ to the end so it would let me sign up. Found out that Dennis from Russia was a good guy, so I wasn't too bothered. Now I'm on almost everything as TerranoNZ or my short user name "TNZ" Even started a company called TNZ Development limited
  4. That's right Sorry Adam, I forgot all about you I found my switch too, just need some wire
  5. Finished the manifold for Nils in Norway Today I made a spill tray for another customer, has to hold 2 44gal drums. Underside with reinforcements, 2mm EG sheet. and how was I to get it home?
  6. I couldn't carry him and I'm damn sure he wouldn't fit in a pocket Wallet, keys, cell, smokes and a Zippo.... Always.
  7. If money is tight I'd be asking your boss if you can use the new one to make sliders with. But it's your decision after all. Being a fabricator I tend to push people to better quality welders. The most crucial thing to look for in a welder is duty cycle, not Amps. a 120A welder with a 100% duty cycle will out perform a 200A that has a 50% duty cycle. My pulse TIG is 200A I forget what the Duty cycle is, but at 150A it's 100%. Very seldom I've used a TIG over 150A. But again, Fabricator talking. So take my info like you would a race car driver telling you you need 500hp to drive to work
  8. Would be cool to hear everyone's accents eh. Not at all, just couldn't think of anything NPORA could say on youtube. Maybe a plug for the best forum ever
  9. Brits and Kiwi's too Agreed about the singing part, lead singer of ACDC is so hard to understand when he speaks In NZ we say Si-bar-oo Subaru Nis-inn not knee-sarn Can't think of any more. I thought about doing a youtube vid a while ago with all of us reading.... something then cutting the clips together to make it seamless, but I never thought of something NPORA could read out Not like we are saving the world, but it would be pretty cool to hear all the accents
  10. 91 VG30E 2dr 100km mint $1200 IIRC 94 TD27T 2dr 180km rough with blown engine $300 88 VG30I 2dr 200km little rough, but solid $650 93 VG30E 4dr 200km blown engine $800
  11. Been a wHile TerranoNZ Same place as sig pic was taken
  12. UNCC is right, it's steel. Both of us know steel, it's what we do.
  13. 2nded... Mine is playing up too.... Must get around to fixing it
  14. All the way down in Dunners huh Welcome to the family Most here are helpful
  15. Happy B-day Dave *Runs off back to NZ*
  16. Nice find LGM, has enough posts too TerranoNZ pathetic flex at work.
  17. Sounds like a vacuum leak, mine has one also, but mine is from idle. Annoys the crap out of me, haven't managed to track it down
  18. When I did my old 88 it wasn't the lifters but the shaft that the rockers are mounted on. I'm sure you remember seeing this pic Adam. Money permitting I'd do all lifters, rockers and shafts, it all depends on how crazy you want to go.
  19. I don't see a problem with the topic, hopefully someone will load some first aid gear in their rig because of it. Can't see the raving lunatic either I believe that we have a similar law here in NZ as what Trailchaser was talking about. I know that if a member of the public calls for help and you do nothing you can get charged with something.
  20. You forgot to "make sure the scene is safe for you" But this isn't a how to so we'll let that one slide I would stop and have done in the past, went to comfort a woman and it turned out I knew her. I've done emergency first aid courses (required by some employers). I guess some people that wouldn't stop are: Fearful (accidentally killing someone, being robbed) Aren't good in those type of situations (maybe mental problems). See that some one's there and think that they have it under control. I can understand why some may not stop, sure doesn't help you out there and then though.
  21. I "Would" say with out a doubt WD21, but I've seen pic's of Pezzy's R50 in some strange places, so props to that. WD's do have the full frame so bars, hooks and skids are a more easy task to fit. If you want something to abuse, and cope with it, get a WD If you want the odd trip off road, but with comfort, get a R50.
  22. Catouflage We can still see you Bailey I can haz yer ammo?
  23. Welcome to the family digga

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