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  1. It's been a while since we've gotten together to go muddin' so I was wondering if some were up for it! I'm suggesting the 29th or 30th to give plenty of time to make plans. We could go out for a few hours in the afternoon and then maybe get some dinner . Thoughts?! Cheers!
  2. I hope you remembered to add a bottle of LSD lubricant to the rear diff before filling it with gear oil.
  3. JUDGE


    My favorite stogie is the Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill. I get two boxes brought from Cuba every winter from anybody I know going there for vacation. There's always someone going to Cuba during winter months. They cost roughly $225 for a box of 25 there and sell for about $20 a pop here.
  4. That's it I'm selling the Pathfinder!
  5. Nice set up! I use a grill over a fire, lol...
  6. Until you install the other warn keep the one you have on locked and all should be fine. When installing mine I double stacked the nuts to tighten the studs. I didn't measure the force just went with feel. I used lock-tite as well. Maybe some are not the same lenght because they're not tight enough. HTH!
  7. I'm in agreement with Northern, bring for yourself and if you have some leftovers you want to share great. I have this odd feeling there will be plenty of BACON to go around therefor no one will go hungry.
  8. I'll follow you on the trail just in case you drop one of those cans I'll be going to PriceClub and gettin' the thick stuff!
  9. I assumed that was the reason, between me and the fuel tank being on that side it would make sense. I just wanted to know if anybody else had the same issue. Thanks!
  10. I notice my passenger side top out more than the driver. Does anyone else have the same scenario?
  11. PrincessAuto has cast iron pans on sale next week, we should pick up a few for all the BACON I'm sure everybody will be bringing, hint hint nudge nudge...
  12. Welcome Cornering with no front sway bar must be fun!
  13. JUDGE

    Oil Drifting

    Like a light snow fall... P.S. you should get a tripod for your camera
  14. Not a single comment or suggestion, ...
  15. Extra hands can definitely come in handy when trying to mock-up

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