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    Charcoal Grey Pathfinder WD-21 XE-4X4 209K Miles and STRONG!! ARB Bumper in garage patiently awaiting install, Rough Country UCA's with JGC Lift for 3" suspension + 3" body lift, Rancho 9000XL's front to back with MyRide Wireless Controller kit, procomp steering stabilizer, custom painted & machined titan 17" wheels with 32" tires. Custom stereo with Blue tooth streaming cabable 2 amps subs box, custom safari rack with 14 lights, dual electric fans out of maxima, 90 amp alty from maxima, custom cupholder, Cobra CB radio, Uniden Bear Tracker police scanner with proximity sensor, and more stuff listed as I remember it.. oh and if you want access to my smugmug my last name is lawrence you'll need it for the password
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  1. I too have some OEM Titan wheels I am looking on throwing on my 94. Did they fit right off the bat, or is this where the "machined" part comes into play?

    Almost forgot...good looking pathy bro!

  2. Nice work! I plan on doing something similar some day when I have more time.... Maybe next spring.. hmmmm....
  3. Idk Adam maybe u were high???? All I know is HID IS FAR superior to non HID IF setup properly.
  4. Are you talking about an older pre-projector style headlight maxima, because then I could understand what u mean. Otherwise a proper HID setup is FAR superior in every way to halogen. Especially during inclement weather. -Colby
  5. If you really want HID's plus the actual REAL added benefit then this buy the euro clear lexan / plastic headlights then modify them like this guy did to his tacoma. It's what I will be doing someday. http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/2nd-gen-tacomas/62898-hid-retro-fx-r-bi-xenon-4300k-bulbs-gatling-shrouds-complete.html He got his parts here http://www.theretrofitsource.com/index.php -Colby
  6. colbywan It's been ions since my last nomination of meself so here's 1 for the pool!
  7. Installed new vinyl on the work trailer today to match the vinyl on my ZAV yay!

  8. Installed new vinyl on the work trailer today to match the vinyl on my ZAV yay!

  9. I have a limited slip in mine now, it's not open. Can I still swap parts?
  10. Hey MY1Path, do u think I would be able to use this third member with my carrier? Then I would just sell the locker. Because I do need these gears for my pathy to match the ones I bought already. Thanks!
  11. Hmmm.... Ok, thanks for you input MY1PATH I really appreciate it! -Colby
  12. ShiZz!! So there's not much else I can do then eh? How creative would I have to get to get this to work? So the complete axle is to long to re-weld all the brackets from my axle, or is that just to much of a PITA??
  13. I have a 94 pathfinder with LSD. I found for sale used a complete H233B rear axle from a first gen xterra 4.9 with an ARB locker. I am hoping that there is a way to buy this axle complete and take the third member or certain parts and use it with axle or my carrier and be able to use the locker?? This is the ratio i REALLY want and the locker is a HUGE bonus!! I already bought a ring and pinion 4.9 from a member here for the front and this would totally ROCK if I could get this to work for the rear. Is the only way to use these parts to take the axle and weld my brackets on to it and bolt up the entire swapped axle to my pathy. I've been searching and found this it kinda helps. http://forums.nicoclub.com/all-you-needed-to-know-about-nissan-axles-through-2004-t233955.html Does anyone out there know their xterra's well enough to help me with this? Thanks everyone! -Colby
  14. Status updates?? Sheesh I think I've been in a cave......

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      you have...

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      Been very busy but now I'm BACK!! Miss me?? lol

  15. I've got to agree with you there Nige!

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