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  1. Oh that's because he didn't pay attention to the third rule (or rather the first rule really) Don't mess with someone who's bigger than you
  2. Remember the golden rule of drunken pass outs! Shoes off, let them be. Shoes on? Game on! Drunken pass out pranks: Move the couch they're passed out on outside The coffin: Flip another couch upside down on top of the couch they're passed out on Grab two flashlights (big ones), and an air horn. Stand in front of the couch turn on the flashlights, yell TRUCK! and blow the airhorn This one's tough, but I'v seen it done on youtube. You'll need a pool or body of water to make this work. Gently transfer mr had too much onto an air raft. Gently move air raft onto pool, and push him out to sea! Make sure you wake him up though, don't want him to drown...
  3. http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/8c52/ http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/b278/
  4. Beats me I'm not a Jeep guy I'll I know it was on a Grand Cherokee with an I6 engine (pretty easy to tell the difference between I6 and V8 beyond that though I'm in the dark )
  5. A couple of notes that I'd thought I'd relate to everyone from my experiences pulling JGC coils so far: The shocks are easier to unbolt from the bottom, not the top. Trying to unbolt from the top you have to fight with engine components and more often than not you just end up spinning the shock cover (not sure exactly what it's called, it's the long cylinder at the top). To unbolt from the bottom you have to remove two bolts that hold the shock to the suspension, use a small ratchet and wrench, it's a tight fit. The springs DO NOT just want to fall out. I'v found it's easiest to have another person (preferably somebody heavy) to stand on the hub while you twist the spring off. Jumping up and down on the hub helps unseat the springs too. I haven't tried using a pry bar yet, I think that would help a lot. The tags are on about 90% of the springs I'v looked at. To clarify what the tag is it's a piece of paper attached to the springs (that confused me at first just reading the first post of this thread). Check all the springs! I'v found FN (.56" diameter) tagged springs on I6 pathfinders! So don't just disqualify a JGC because it doesn't have a V8.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_VG_engine A good overview of the VG series engines
  7. Bring a hacksaw with you and at least try to cut off the muffler (hey it's yours you paid for it!)
  8. Enjoi's truck is fixed! But he's rolling on 32" AT's for the moment...
  9. At this point I'm looking for just about anything, preferably somewhere in Santa Cruz or San Jose. My girlfriend and I are thinking about moving to San Francisco once we can afford to though. I have a B.A. in Economics with a focus in Marketing and Economies of Developing Countries (mainly marketing though). About a year and a half of experience in marketing, and another half year of insurance sales. Lots of experience in office settings (worked as a file clerk in a doctors office and as an office assistant at a local chamber of commerce, plus my marketing experience). Also a lot of experience in vineyard and winery work, my parents own a small winery. Another board member and I are planning on making a trip to the junkyard very soon (his board name is Enjoi408). Hopefully we're going this weekend, I'll send you a PM when we figure out when we're going.
  10. I don't hate Prius's. Ain't nothing wrong with wanting to take better care of the planet (acting smug about it though is another story) Sorry to hear about the accident. I always keep an eye on my rearview when I'm stopped at a light until somebody stops behind me, heard too many horror stories that didn't have a good ending like this one not to. The Pathfinder can be replaced, but your life can't!
  11. Talked to my buddy last night, he thinks the guard is at his parents house. Said he'd ask his dad if it was still around next time he talked to him. Otherwise I'm planning on a junkyard trip in the next week, I'll keep an eye out for one there
  12. As we just discussed on AIM since you have a LSD rear (had him check by lifting up the back and spinning a tire, other tire spun the same direction) it's probably from the LSD engaging and disengaging due to the tight turn and relatively high amount of torque being applied by the engine in that situation. Or at least I hope that's what it is, as my Pathy does that too when backing out of some parking spots. Also mod's could this get moved to General Discussion or The Garage?
  13. I got the ones for my hatch from JCwhitney about at least 6 years ago and they're still holding it up with no sagging. I'v been meaning to replace the glass supports for a while but just have never had any real need too. Supporting the glass with my head isn't that big of a problem, since I hardly ever use the glass instead of the hatch.
  14. I would love to go but as of now my pathfinder is off the road, and until I can find work it's going to stay there (fixing the auto trans isn't cheap). Hollister is great, and I have yet to attempt a trail that my pathy didn't eventually make it's way up (except for the time we figured out I had a broken automatic hub). I'll get ahold of my friend and find out if he still has the brush guard.
  15. Another option to look into is a KA24 engine, which later D21's came with. A very reliable (and more importantly more powerful) 4 cylinder with plenty of aftermarket support due to it's use in the 240SX.
  16. Eh I don't mind a stiff ride which is why I have the factory shocks set to sport.
  17. Magnaflow http://summitracing.com/parts/MPE-53004/ http://summitracing.com/parts/MPE-22760/ As for tire pressures I run my AT's at 35 on road and 15 or lower on the trails. As Kingman said the lower pressure allows them to conform better and you get a bigger contact patch with the ground. In the real world this means: less likely to pop a tire on rocks, and better traction.
  18. That's what I was thinking, maybe they were running an exhaust cutoff under the truck? If it was a newer truck it's possible it had a cabin filter that was filtering out the smell of the exhaust but not the carbon monoxide. It is definitely a weird story
  19. Welcome! I actually might have a brush gaurd that could work for your Pathy (I never could get it to line up properly on mine, making me think it was designed for 90-95 Pathys). It's been in storage at a friends house, so I'd need to make sure he hasn't gotten rid of it. Anyways there are quite a few active members up here in the Bay Area, check out the Southwest States subforum for meet-ups and such. Hope we can help you out with any questions you might have! Oh, I'm in Santa Cruz by the way.
  20. Welcome! Yes the starter will always get oil dumped on it when you change the oil unless you buy an oil filter relocation kit, but it's usually never enough to kill the starter. Dead starters are just a common issue for Pathfinders (happened to mine several years ago). Replace it and you'll have no problems for several years. Hope we can help you with all of your other issues!
  21. Or call rough country directly and ask for just the A-Arms from their D21 kit, they will charge you far less than any 4x4 shop would for the entire kit. Also about the metal grating noise due to worn out bump stops, Nissan now makes chromed replacement bump stops that will stop the noise for a long time.
  22. Hola! Hay algunas personas que puedan hablar Español aqui. Lo siento, yo no puedo hablar mucho!
  23. If you're looking for other cool older Nissan/Datsuns don't forget the Datsun 510. Those are my personal favorite old school Nissan. There's a 510 club here in Santa Cruz so I see a lot of really sick 510's driving around. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datsun_510

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