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  1. CA to CT is a bit too far for me. I'd love to go but you know that's a very long road trip, it's about what 5 hours? Anyway regular gas out here in CA was 2.40 + on thursday. :o And right now I'm averaging about 15-16 mpg. Going to replace my air filter with a K&N soon, hopefully that will help a little.
  2. I forgot to mention my most important upgrade: Super Mario Bros. floor mats! Woo hoo! They've got a picture of mario jumping for a get bigger mushroom. They're totally sweet. Sorry no pictures, I got them from Hot Topic if that helps.
  3. You'll know it's me by the Santa Cruz sticker and the "Keep Tahoe Blue" sticker (I'm going to remove that one soon so maybe not). I blacked out the plates because I'm paranoid. You never know who's a serial killer psycho who's going to find out where I live then kill me and do dirty things to my corpse. Just honk and wave if you think you see me.
  4. I thought I'd mention for any mac users here (I'm not alone am I?), most macs come with graphic converter. Graphic converter can resize crop and compress. Resizeing can be done via the picture menu under the size sub-menu. Crop can be done under the edit menu with the trim option. Compressing is done in the save dialog.
  5. "Don't all Legos have missing centercaps?" No no, I'm refering to the center triangle part of the wheel, the part that comes off, that hub cap. That's number one on my fix it list. And BTW the Santa Cruz sticker adds 5 and A HALF horse power, it's in italics see.
  6. OK took some pictures this morning and here they are. They're not that great since it was raining out but better than nothing.
  7. I agree with mws, it looks as though it would be fairly easy to fab up some ducting and run through the fender. However this wouldn't look as clean as a pre-fabbed kit. I suppose if you used some nice pvc pipe and painted it black it wouldn't look too bad. It certainly would look better than some snorkels I'v seen where they use silver heater ducting
  8. "I guess that was just the auto hubs engaging the front wheels." Phew I was afraid I hurt something. My dad thought so too, but 4x4 still seems to still be working OK.
  9. Oh poo, I hate it when he's right. Ah well, I can still upgrade the muffler for a nice sound, right now it's real throaty in low RPMs but looses that throatiness after around 3000 RPM.
  10. OK my friend and I are arguing about exhaust cut outs. He says that they will decrease horse power because they will remove all back pressure. I say that's hog wash. I also say that even so if I put a cut out after the cat converter there should be more than enough back pressure. Part 2 of this question would the exhaust cut out have to go after the cat do to o2 sensors? -Andrew
  11. I promise to add pic's soon. I got my first noobie question too: tonight I was driving up a slightly muddy hill on our property in 2wd and the rear wheels started to spin (I need to get some AT's the Uniroyal all season HT's don't have the best off road traction) so I stopped and put it in to 4WDH. I then lightly stepped on the gas, there was a loud clunk noise and then 4wd engaged. Did I do something bad? What is the proper way to engage 4wd in a situation like this? I feel like a real noob -Andrew
  12. Hi everybody! I'm from Santa Cruz CA (thus the SC in my name). I just recently got an 88 Pathfinder SE V6. It's dark red (burgandy?) both inside and out. It is stock except for the radio (which doesn't work well). It's rust free (typical CA car) and has 202000 miles. It is my second vehicle and my first 4x4 and I plan to go off roading in the very near future. The first mods I plan to do are: upgrade spare tire to a real full size tire, change the horn to something louder, install a K&N air filter (current one is really dirty) and install an oil filter relocation kit (F**** not being able to see where the filter thread is and dumping oil all over the starter when you remove the filter). It is also missing the right rear hub cap, hope to remedy that at pick n pull this weekend. -Andrew

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