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  1. Everyone who signed up should have a PM from me with their Santa-ee enclosed. I don't think I missed anyone, but if I did let me know. In case anyone is wondering the list was randomized using random.org with two switches to account for shipping preferences. As close to random as you can get for such a small list. I'll start a thread so everyone can post a wishlist!
  2. One and a half hours left to sign up!
  3. OK I'v decided to extend this until Sunday at 12 PM, just to give some more people a chance to see the thread. So Sunday the 30th at 12PM PDT is the new cut off! This will be the only extension!
  4. I was thinking about extending it, there is a time factor at play here, we want all of the gifts to arrive before Christmas. Maybe I'll extend it to Sunday night (the 29th)
  5. Last minute sign ups are up! You still have a couple of hours left people! (4 hours 10 minutes as of this writing)
  6. UNCC send me a PM with your current address. Also their is something I didn't originally put in the OP that I should have. While we value all of our memebers here at NPORA if you haven't been around for at least 6 months and/or haven't shown a bit of activity on the forums you won't be allowed to participate. This is just a precaution to prevent someone from becoming a "deadbeat" Santa. OP will be updated accordingly. Also if you've been on the fence NOW is the time to decide! 25 hours left until sign ups close!
  7. Personally I am going to replace CV boots But that's because the set I got have old boots, which aren't torn but have clearly dried out and are cracking. Makes sense to replace the boots in this case.
  8. Sounds like a very cool project! Keep us updated with pictures!
  9. Bolded something in the OP that some people should read.
  10. Hooray another year of Secret Santas! SIGN UPS CLOSED! Expect to receive your Santa-ee soon! So for those of you who haven't done this before here's how this works: Post in here that you want to join up, then send me a PM with: your name (real name is preferred, only use an alias if it's absolutely necessary), your address, and your preference for whether you'd accept an international Santa-ee. The PM is the important part. If you don't PM me you don't get on the list, that simple. Later after I have closed sign ups you will receive your Santa-ee from me! You then send a gift to that person, and wait patiently for your gift to arrive from your Santa. This is really quite fun, and brings the board together. RULES 1. Sign ups will end Nov. 27th at 12PM Pacific Time! I will not figure out what time this is for you, you're all grown ups (well age wise at least) figure it out yourself. 2. You MUST send your gift BEFORE Dec 24, 2009. Any gifts that are not received by Jan 1, 2010 will result in contact by the moderators. If you can not prove that you sent a gift (proof means two forms of confirmation IE gift receipt and delivery confirmation number.) Those who do not send a gift will be banned, and I will personally mail you a big lump of dog sh*t. I am not kidding about this. Hell I might make it a monthly subscription. 2.Subsection a. Get a delivery confirmation number and keep all receipts for your gift and shipping! You are responsible for not getting yourself banned. Take pictures of you buying your gift and shipping it if you'd like, the more evidence you have the better. 3. HAVE FUN! Remember this is supposed to be a fun activity. If this doesn't sound like fun to you don't sign up. 4. There is no maximum amount you can spend on your Santa-ee. The minimum amount you should spend is $10, $20 is better. Do unto others applies here. DON'T COMPLAIN IF YOU SENT SOMEBODY AN ARB BUMPER AND GOT A DVD. Times are tough, so if you can give do so! But don't be expecting a lavish gift in return. 5. Put some thought into what you send your Santa-ee. There will be a separate thread to post your wish list after all of the Santa-ee's have been sent out. 6. HAVE FUN! I thought it would be good to put this twice. 7. If you haven't been a member for at least six months and/or do not have that much forum activity you won't be allowed to participate. Sorry, but this is a precaution to prevent deadbeat Santas. I will put up a list here that will be updated daily of who has signed up. If you think your name should be on the list but it isn't assume you have messed up somewhere and send me another PM. SIGN UPS! Precise1 Pezzy MY1PATH nismothunder k9sar SilverPath BowTied AdamZan UNCCPathfinder RedPath88 JUDGE GrimGreg GoPathyGo PS Definitions Santa: He who sends the gift Santa-ee: He who receives the gift You will be somebody's Santa and somebody else's Santa-ee, got it? If not please ask somebody else to explain it to you.
  11. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Not to mention being able to run Windows if we need to. But when you get tired of the viruses and instability you can run back to the safety of OS X. Most of the people who bash Macs either A. used one once, got frustrated when it wasn't exactly like windows in every way (and how could it be when all windows has ever done is just ape what Mac did last year), or B used one during the "Dark Ages," late Mac OS 7 through OS 9 (basically the time when Steve Jobs wasn't at the Helm of Apple), and haven't used one since. I have no problems using Windows, and I won't bash them (much). They're good for work and for video games. They're not without their problems, just as OS X isn't without its problems. Mac vs PC is about as dumb as Import vs Domestic. Not quite as dumb as Ford vs Chevy though.
  12. Currently getting 0 miles a day. When it was running I would go through a tank a week, so about 40 miles a day. When it gets up and running again it will be a weekend only type vehicle, maybe some winter use as well.
  13. Only 97? That is basically brand new for these engines. Mine's at 230k and hasn't had any engine problems (transmission is another matter)
  14. CV removal on these is supposed to be a piece of cake, 30 minutes per side tops.
  15. It is against most forum policies to discuss illegal software and where/how to download it. You're on your own there. You should talk to your friends and see if anyone has upgraded to the newest OS X and ask if you can have their old install disks (note install disks that came with the computer will only work on Macs of the exact same type: ie a install disk that came with an iBook G4 will only work on iBook G4's).
  16. Here's a much much much easier and far cheaper (free) cold air system for 87-89 Pathfinders. Disconnect the air ducting from the inner fender. Twist the ducting around so that its facing towards the gap between the headlight and the grill. TAH DAH! Cold air intake. Just make sure you twist it back to the stock position when it starts raining or when you're traveling somewhere very dusty.
  17. Yes you can buy new chromed steering stop caps from the dealership. They replace the old ones that were just plastic and supposedly last longer than the old ones.
  18. I was talking to a guy who runs an import/export business dealing in old cars. Apparently VW busses are really hard to find in Northern Europe. The guy runs most of his business exporting VW Busses and 60's Mustangs to the Netherlands. Also importing a car more than 25 years old to the US is exceedingly simple. Only requires one form. I told him he should look for Nissan Patrols and Toyota Land Cruisers to import back to the states.
  19. SC88Pathy


    This lift kit comes recommended by just about everyone who has installed it, only suspension lift that truly retains the stock CV and ball joint angles. It does leave your torsion bars hanging a bit low though, and it is very expensive. Upside of this lift is that it is stackable with aftermarket upper control arms and lift springs allowing you 7" of suspension lift (as far as I know though no one has actually tried this on this board)
  20. I highly doubt it's nearing the end of it's life! My automatic transmission finally gave out at 230,000 miles, but my engine is still plenty strong! The current board record is over 500,0000 miles on an original engine! Give us some more info about your pathfinder, how many miles, auto or stick, and of course post some pictures! Welcome to the boards
  21. Doing a quick google they have even less aftermarket support than we do!
  22. They're unibody and have a similar but different rear suspension Most parts are not interchangeable You could have figured this out by visiting the Nissan Pathfinder wikipedia page
  23. What do you mean you "turned the security" on? Did you switch to an encrypted network, require a password to connect, turn on MAC address blocking?

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