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  1. That might have been mws He doesn't post that often any more though
  2. What it would sell for. I have seen the same ads get reposted week after week for months, without ever decreasing the over inflated asking price
  3. This might be part of your problem. These engines are designed to run on 87 octane. Higher octane fuel burns slower, so not all of your fuel will be getting used. If you want the "cleaning additives" that the octane booster supposedly gives just fill up with name brand gas like Chevron or the like.
  4. The Nissan H233B axle is just as strong as a Ford 9", you're not going to break it with 31's We have members running up to 35's with little problems. They only start running into problems when running 35's with extra low gears locked in the rear. You would have to be thrashing it really hard to do any damage to the rear with 31's The front is a different situation entirely though, the CV joints aren't really designed to handle the stress of being locked. Some members run front lockers with no issues though
  5. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=18653
  6. Well you can just unbolt the third member from the 93 and then bolt it in to the 87's axle as long as the gear ratio's match. But if you really want to yes the entire axles can be swapped. Might be nice because most LSD axles also came with rear disc brakes (but not all of them)
  7. http://www.treadwright.com/ Can't beat retread tires for price and quality! I myself prefer Yokohama's but they're not exactly cheap Welcome to the forums!
  8. Technically the 4 speed auto will bolt up to the engine. Problem is they use different TCU's. Which means you'll need an 88-89 TCU, and possibly the ECU as well. Reason for 88-89 is because that's the year that used the same fuel injection system (TBI). 90-95 used a different fuel injection system and therefore different ECU's. I don't know if they changed the wiring for how the TCU connected to the ECU though. An 88-89 TCU will control a 90-95 transmission as they used the same automatic transmission from 88 through 95 (I think several years after that too but I'm not sure to exactly when) Oh and welcome to the forums! Hope we can help you answer all of your questions! There's a strong contingent of So-Cal members too if you're looking for wheeling buddies.
  9. My 88 Auto with 31" AT's got low 20's on mostly highway trips. 16 otherwise
  10. You only won because our players were craving the warmth of home from being on the ice for so long. With only an igloo to look forward too your players had an unfair advantage. Actually I didn't see the game because I was at work and there's no cable at work In any case we still came home with the most medals! USA USA USA!
  11. The best year Pathfinder is the very early production 90 pathfinder 2 door with MPFI? Yes thank you! But considering that they are next to impossible to find the best year pathfinders are 88-89
  12. IIRC the Mazda version is for FWD There's also a Subaru version too I think
  13. Hey first still works! Its just second and fourth that are missing
  14. 4lo in first Automatic and a little bit of gas and my Pathy would go anywhere (well as long as the auto hubs weren't busted )
  15. I actually think the 2wd hardbodys look pretty good lowered I don't really get lowering a pathfinder though, never looks good to me
  16. SC88Pathy

    Usa! Usa!

    America proves that Canadians aren't even that good at what they're best at! Igloos melt! Polar bears start eating vegetables! Shortage of exclamation points looms¡ http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/vancouver/ice_hockey/news?slug=ap-hko-canada-us&prov=ap&type=lgns USA! USA!
  17. All transmission coolers are pretty much the same, supposedly there's only a couple of factories in the world that make them, all the companies just buy them and rebrand them. I was going to put two transmission coolers from early 90's Ford Explorers in mine before my auto bit the dust. They're way cheaper than buying them new and work just as well. Also I love wheeling in my auto, I've never had any problems with it on the trail.
  18. After doing some research it seems the transmissions were all the same from 88-95 So the TCU in mine shouldn't have an issue with later model transmissions
  19. As Adam said the transmission is on it's last legs. Currently it has Reverse, First, and Third. Second and OD are gone. Another board member offered me his transmission from his parts car, but he got called to active military duty late last year. Once he gets back I will have a replacement transmission. Otherwise it runs fine. I have two CV joints I need to install, but they need new boots before I put them on the truck (from UNCCPathfinder's parts pig, the boots on them look like they'd rip the first time I put it into 4hi). Haven't put them on as I haven't seen the point with it having a dead transmission.
  20. Congrats dude! I'm about 150 miles south of Sacramento. I have a couple of friends who live up there I'v always wanted to go wheeling up near Mt Lassen (about two hours north of Sac), but until I get enough money to fix the pathy that's not happening anytime soon
  21. You mean looks like somebody just ruined a several hundred thousand dollar piece of machine I like how whoever drives that thinks its prestigious
  22. It probably meant transmission options, 5 speed and automatic.
  23. If you want to go crazy there's a 97 pathy on CL right now in SF for $1000. The body is thrashed but the engine and transmission are supposedly good. You could have an 88 with a VG33!
  24. SC88Pathy

    xbox live

    I got a second batch 60gig fat. So I'v got the hardware PS2 emulation and the card reader. Of course I'v only used the card reader like twice. It would be nice if it could playback more movie files, being limited to DiVx and only certain h.264 encodes is annoying. If they would include .mkv support I would be so happy.

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