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  1. wellcome from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  2. have a new VG30E ready to install hope it works fine... was difficult to find a new engine around here in Argentina want to share it with the forum...
  3. what i was trying to say is that I suspect that my EX mechanic asistant put 2nd class oil in my engine instead of semi syntetic ELF OIL as is ordered... just to make a difference with the price at my expense... the problem is that i have no sustainable evidence of it that caused the piston to stuck and the rod to break the block...
  4. For those users who can read or speak spanish here is the link for the forum for Nissan Trucks users in Argentina CLUB NISSAN ARG
  5. Well. have some good news 1rst. the reason why the rod came out the block was that one piston got stuck!. The reason? I think there was some foul play with my mechanic´s new asistant. He told me with his voice trembling that he had taken the truck to change oil and his voice was trembling while he showed me the empty can of "Elf Competition semi-syntetic oil" I`ve found same procedure with my gearbox oil a couple a months before the engine incident. So the guy made my motor get seriously injured just to rip me off of 50 o 100 U$s!!!! Next time I´ll take the truck by myself to change the oil. The result was an Engine Block injured in the bottom corner with a hole of aprox. 9 centimeters a broken piston, a twisted rod, a punctured cylinder chamber, etc. etc. etc. The good news. BOUGHT A NEW ENGINE. Here in Argentina for 1300 U$s (give or take) Now I have my new engine block. The rebuilding process will start as soon I collect the money. more news to come and thnxs again for the support...
  6. As far as we know it´s possible the block is damaged, although we haven´t taken off the engine yet, my mechanic poured some water in it and the liquid spilled all over the floor, so maybe the fluids circuit of the engine is compromised too...
  7. Hi: I´m from Buenos Aires Argentina Haven´t been around for a while because i had some big problems with my car. I made the second largest trip with my Pathy to Brasil and everything went really fine. Made 1800 Kms from Buenos Aires Argentina to Florianopolis Brasil with no problems at all. The trip was mostly in highways and paved roads. Never drived at more than 75 or 80 MPH and the Pathy was doing a really good job. But after 24 days of vacations and in my way back to Argentina after 600 Kms and 1400 Kms away from home with my family (wife and 3 kids) while I was driving into Porto Alegre in a 3 way Highway a sudden Bumb in the front part of my car froze my blood. The engine broked. No hints no advice. Was driving like in a jet plane at 65 Mph (100 Km/h) with cruis control at 2100 Rpm, no noise, no smoke, no sudden movements. The engine didn´t even consumed any extra oil. (Even in my house´s parking lot was not a single drop of it or water) but.... After 3 days of ordeal taking my family and SUV to Buenos Aires argentina... The Mechanic took a look at the Pathy and found a big hole in the dry sump engine oil tank. The Prognosis... A Piston Rod broke of and damaged the block. The problem is that here in Argentina we do not have to much spare parts for this model (SE V6 3.0 ). Do you know of any adaptation or alternative that lets the Pathy be fully functional again? I mean Diesel or Gas Engine alternative even from other brands like Hyundai, Toyota, Ford of GM... because no new replacement prebuild engines are available here in my country for my badly injured Pathy. Have anyone adapted other Nissan engines to the Nissan SE V6? I mean Diesel`s like D21 or D22 etc. or Car Engines like the Datson or Nissan Coupes?? Please let me know Meanwhile I´ll post some pics of the Piston Rod damaged.
  8. I owed you some pics of my truck... here are some
  9. here in argentina 1 U$s the liter (1000 cms 3) so to go to work (downton) 7 miles... TAKE THE BUS... (the traffic jams are also a good factor to choose public transportation) in the afternoon to go to the club or on weekends TAKE THE PATHY one bus ticket to downtown it´s 0.30 U$s and if you take it between 8.00 AM and 9.00 AM or 17.00 and 19.00 PM you travel like canned sardines... subway its around 0.25 U$s the ticke too... gotta get greener
  10. and a lot of Argies now following TANOBALDI´s/DALERACING May´s TOTM voting frenzy!!!!!! :tonguefinger: :tonguefinger: :tonguefinger:

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