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  1. So here's a good first step. Connect to the router on your laptop then try to bring up the router set up page (for linksys routers you point your web browser to the default password is admin, leave the user name tab blank). If you can't access the router set up from your laptop you'll have to do it from your desktop, make sure you leave your laptop connected to the router. From the router set up page you *should* be able to figure out what's wrong, as long as you're fairly tech savvy. Heres how you should have it set up on both sides. Router should be set up as an open wireless network using automatic DHCP. Laptop network settings should be set up exactly the same (automatic DHCP, router assigned IP address). You should have no restrictions or options enabled on the router. Possible things that have gone wrong: router or laptop set to an option besides auto DHCP, router set to allow only cetain MAC Addresses, incompatibility between your wireless card and the linksys router (I highly doubt that unless you have a really crappy wireless card).
  2. Also isn't the VLSD very weak? IIRC it has a breakaway of like 60lb-ft I don't know how that would affect the spin the tire test though
  3. Mud flaps will just break off the first time you hit a mud pit. Take off those fender flares too all they do is just catch mud and let it sit and rust your body panels. Your paint's going to get beat up when you go off roading. No way around it, it's just what happens.
  4. Well that's why I said AFAIK, I had never seen or heard of an LSD rear that had drums up until this point. I just assumed that if they threw the LSD in there you got the disks too. Well we all know what happens when you assume!
  5. Being able to blow smoke doesn't mean you're making big power, when you blow smoke that's actually unburned fuel. Depending on how you set up your turbo you should be able to blow smoke.
  6. The 300zx LSD swap is not common for several reasons. One they are almost impossible to find, and when you do find them they are ridiculously expensive. This is because they are very big with the drifting and rice community. Also it is not just a straight drop, modifications have to be made for it to fit properly in our front differential. As mentioned putting in a rear LSD is much easier. If you can, just grab the entire rear axle because as (AFAIK) all rear LSD axles also have rear disc brakes (unless of course you already have rear disks).
  7. Maybe it would be useful for racing applications (baja racing maybe?). I really fail to see the need for it on anything else though.
  8. SC88Pathy


    I disagree, as long as you haven't done any damage to the CV joint and there isn't too much dirt in the grease there is no reason not to just replace the boot. You can buy replacement boots from rockauto.com for about $8 each, vs a new cv joint at $64. If the cv joint is clicking though, yeah it's time to buy a new one.
  9. It's the opposite the auto is rated at 5k and the manual is rated at 3.5k AFAIK this is the same for most modern automatics vs manual transmissions. Part of this is because most people don't know how to drive a manual and the factory didn't want to be replacing burned out clutches under warrantee, and part of it is due to using parts in manual transmissions to make them easier to shift and drive at the cost of strength.
  10. Before anyone recommends an engine to you have you thought this through? Do you understand how much work is involved in doing a diesel engine swap? It's not simply a matter of putting a new engine into place. You have to replace the gas tank, fuel lines, transmission, transfer case (unless you import a Nissan diesel engine), drive shafts (once again assuming you don't use a Nissan diesel), and replace the entire exhaust system. If you're using a newer diesel you'll have to rip out all of the old ECU and rewire for the new diesel ECU and new transmission ECU if you plan on using an automatic. Plus the numerous other little details you'll run into along the way. Are you planning on still driving your vehicle on the street? Most state's SMOG laws prevent diesel engine swaps. I'm not trying to discourage you, just making sure you're not biting off more than you can chew! That being said yes there are diesel engines that will fit. Nissan made a four cylinder turbo diesel called the TD27 that was available in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and South America. It makes 98HP and 159lb/ft of torque which is far less than the V6 your pathfinder probably has, and is less powerful than even the KA24 four cylinder so it is not what you are looking for. Nissan also made an inline 6 diesel called the TD42, which would give you a small increase in horsepower and a decent increase in torque. I have no idea if it would fit in the Pathfinder's engine bay. International makes a four cylinder diesel that will probably fit. You would probably see an increase in horsepower and torque. My personal suggestion? Look into installing an electric fan, it will increase your cooling ability quite a bit. Flush your radiator, and add high performance antifreeze. Make sure you're not towing more than the Pathfinder is rated to tow. If you have an auto (hopefully you do, it increases your tow rating by a significant amount) MAKE SURE you have a good external transmission cooler that is not fitted in line with the stock cooler. The stock transmission cooler clogs and causes your transmission to overheat and fail. Running a cooler in line with the stock cooler does not prevent the stock cooler from clogging and will not result in any cooling. Install a good cold air intake system, headers, and a full exhaust system. Squeeze as much power out of the V6 as you can.
  11. It is factory, the lego wheels were for 31's, the steel wheels were for the 235's. I say go with 31's, fills up the wheel wells better, more clearance off road and it's not going to hurt your MPG or power too much.
  12. As far as I know it's just two metal bands holding each boot in place.
  13. Variable Differential Control Sometimes it's real easy to shift into 4lo, sometimes it's really hard!
  14. *hands out sticks* Get your birthday sticks here! Plenty to go around! Happy birfday Adam!
  15. Best Buy's a good place to buy TV's. If you're willing to buy online I'v never had any problems buying from J&R (www.jr.com) Their prices are very good, and they don't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.
  16. And nismo when you type I sometimes imagine a drunk sitting at a bar ranting at the bowl of bar snacks.
  17. You're right. I got confused, I think you can modify them so that they have D44 internals though? I was doing some research on them a while back.
  18. If you can find a bronco II that's the best option. Dana 44 front (if you get the right year), Ford 5.5 rear, good gas mileage, and a decent aftermarket support. One question, why not just buy another pathfinder?
  19. Anyone can be a "real" mechanic... Speaking of which anyone need some car work done? I have a mechanics toolset and a work shirt that says "Ocean Honda" and "Jose," that's close enough right?
  20. http://npora.ipbhost.com//index.php?showto...9&hl=gamers http://npora.ipbhost.com//index.php?showto...p;hl=video+game http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=10299&hl=
  21. The "official" word is that Venge has moved and doesn't have the internet. However that was in August... I haven't seen him on AIM or facebook in forever so the no internet situation might still be the case. This also doesn't seem like Venge's kind of behavior, so I assume that maybe your transaction happened when he moved and he hasn't had the ways or means to complete it.
  22. No flaps and no flares on my pathy. Kicking up dirt and water just keeps the tailgaters off my ass!
  23. One thing though: Most of the law enforcement in Utah is on the four wheelers side of things (one story I'v read had a sherif giving a ticket to somebody for trying to stop someone from wheeling on their private property). So even if this does pass good luck on anyone enforcing it.
  24. UCLA (University of Cabrillo, Located in Aptos!) Cabrillo College (local community college) Aptos, California Undergrad Studies/ Figuring out what the hell I was doing with my life 2002-2005 UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz, CA (Yes really! Like OMG!) BA in Economics, focus in marketing and economies of developing countries 2005-2007 So I knew after high school that I wanted to go to college, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to study. That and I couldn't afford to go to a four year right away. So I went to Cabrillo to figure out what I wanted to study while at the same time getting my lower division stuff out of the way. In 04 I took an economics class and I figured out that I enjoyed the subject very much, so I figured out what classes I had to finish to transfer to UCSC and in 05 I transfered. Coincidentally this is when I got my Pathfinder! Now I have a degree, a ton of debt, and a dead Pathfinder. Hmmmm

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