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  1. hi im gonna look at a 95 pathfinder. guy told me he got the ac working and the cables replaced on the battery. has a few dings and dents. i forgot to ask about rust on it. the interior good i think he said one part needs to be shampooed. im gonna drive 2 1/2 hrs to go see it. heres the ad for it. let me know what you think. he also said theres no exhaust leaks too. thanks since the link image isnt working. http://images.craigslist.org/3nc3pf3l65V05Y05X0a9i6a09386e832c1de5.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/3n53o93lc5W15P65R2a9i759de75489281389.jpg heres info on it. I have a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD V6 Manual 5 spped Transmission for sale, this SUV is in good shape, looks good runs goods, just detailed, clean title, will get it smogged as soon as I have a buyer, registration is good until January 2011. AC just recharged, car just serviced, it has power windows, power door locks an opening moon roof. I took this SUV in as trade for work I did for a client, it looks to be a good car. Kelly Blue Book value is $2285.00, the first $1600.00 cash takes it, I just want what I was owed. More pictures can be E-mailed. Car has 201.000 miles.
  2. and registering it. i have a nissan sentra with a rusted body and i wanna find a better body and put my motor in to it and use whatever body parts that the new body needs. my question is if i register it will it be a salvaged title?
  3. oh wait lol i thought this was my profile i feel like an ass now :)

  4. what the hell are you talking about?!

  5. anyone know the process of that? i know i need to smog it.
  6. mine came on when you turn they key on and once where the needle couldnt go any lower
  7. i saw mine was out too. i actually went out and got some bulbs for it and the parts store said it called for this kind of bulbs turns out it was a led set up. they work now out of no where
  8. lol today i walked in kragens and my allergies kicked in i had the drippy nose and sneeze attacks.
  9. i think i saw a old looking ice cream/bread truck in monterey ca that said electric truck. not sure i saw it doin my route at the motels on a flat bed truc.
  10. i found tylenol severe allergies pills work really good. i have the nasaol spray and eye drops so that really helps.
  11. thanks im gonna get the fuel filter replaced too. this morning it didnt stall on me at all. but i noticed when i drove too the temp gauge dropped almost down to cold and i tried the heater and there was bearly any heat comming out. but i had it parked for a half hour the temp gauge went back up to normal but i didnt try the heater to see if normal heat was comming out. i did notice this morning the idle went up and down a tad for a few seconds. i might just go to the junk yard and pick up a tps and a iac. let me know what you guys think. thanks
  12. ithink so too. i notice the idle was goin up and down for a few seconds.
  13. i did forget to mention that morning i gased up before work and a hour later it was acting like this
  14. sorry guys i know this is a pathfinder forum. i have a 93 sentra with the 1.6 5spd. the car stalls when i come to a stop. not sure what the issue is anyone have any ideas. sometimes when i stop it idles kinda rough. i do smell alittle gas every once in awhile. thanks

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