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  1. Take some pictures of the radiators. More than likely one of them is the AC condensor. Then the actual radiator. Mine has a small transmission cooler on the very front. Without pics we are shooting in the dark.
  2. Who are you talking to? I bypassed the cooler located internally in the radiator. It still flows through an external cooler located on the front of the condensor.
  3. I dont know the answer to your question as far as how to install the external cooler. I just did the bypass part a couple of days ago. It is easier than changing the oil. I havent gotten it out on any long trips yet so I do not know if I will even need another cooler. It gets really cold here in winter so I would be worried of it getting too cold. I'm going to see what temps run this summer when we tow the boat with it.
  4. I completely agree. I just wasnt sure if it didnt involve something taking apart the front of the engine or something else stupid. I see this kind of thing more and more.
  5. Thanks, for clearing that up a bit. I do have the auxillary cooler in front of the radiator. I talked to a dealership today and they recommended a new radiator and told me it is redesigned. They wanted to charge me 800 bucks total. Is a radiator hard to install in these R51's? I've done it on past vehicles and it wasnt much of a problem. If not I will just bypass the one I have. I seen one write-up but I will have to do more research as to make sure I dont screw anything up.
  6. Would bypassing it cause problems during cold weather? I was under the impression the fluid went through the radiator to pick up some heat. Im not sure why this is designed this way if in fact that is true. I live in the mountains where it can get to -40. If I bypass the radiator and run a circuit of trans--cooler--trans will I see problems with trans fluid being too cold? I had a firend who installed a bigger tranny cooler because he towed heavy and a lot here in the mountains and he would have to cover the tranny cooler if it was below 20 degrees or it would shift really hard. I tow a small camper but it only weights 2k but it is up a lot of mountain roads. Just want to avoid SMOD.
  7. Question about SMOD. Hi all I have a question for you guru's. Can you tell me where the failure is happening exactly? I assume that the fluid runs through the radiator to get warm??? Is this correct? then it runs through a cooler? I'm a bit confused I guess. Would a replacement radiator solve this problem completely? I do not want to simply bypass as I tow a camper and want the tranny to stay cool. If I get a B&M tranny cooler do I simply block off the lines that go into the radiator? I want this done correctly and will be doing it myself so I want to be as knowledgible on the subject as possible before I start. I have done some searches and always seem to come back to the bypass threads. So I figured I would just straight up ask so maybe someone can explain it all to me rather than looking at other forums. Thank you all in advance. Oh and the vehicle is a 2007 R51
  8. Power Plant Scrubber Operator.....Homer Simpsons eyes and ears.
  9. Hey everybody it's been a while since I have been on here. I have a question for all you WD fans. I am thinking about buying this 95 pathfinder that needs new injectors. Can somebody tell me how labor intesive or how hard the job is and what is needed? Any and all information about this install/fix is appreciated. I can get the truck for a hell of a good deal but want to know if I am getting in over my head by needing to install fuel injectors. Thanks
  10. You could be opening up a can of worms by doing the studs. They tend to be seized and break off. I have a buddy who was changing his out his exhaust manifolds for new headers. Easy enough right? Well 3 studs broke off. First two came out with the easy out then we broke the easy out inside the stud. What a PITA. If your worried about flushing then just change the oil and be done with it until you have more cash and time to do the gaskets and studs.
  11. Go with the Goose. My last girlfriend before the wife liked Vodka. Alot of it depends on how she drinks it though. If my X was shooting then it had to be Goose or better but if she was mixing it did not really matter. I would not get a bottle of Goose or better if your just going to make jello shots or foo-foo mixed drinks. Do not forget that theire is a fine line to impressing a girl and looking like your trying hard to get in her pants. If you are good friends and she know's your spending habits (like if your a cheapass)or if your straight up poor then buying an expensive bottle of Vodka makes you look desperate. Sorry I do not mean to assume your poor or a cheapass. If that is the case though then get some kind of flavored Smirnoff. Good luck and have a great time at the party.
  12. Guess it is too late to be-friend a hot chick and cheat huh? Helped me back in high school when I took pre-cal. Seriously though I would skim the beginning of each chapter and write the equations down on a single piece of paper. (Saves alot of flipping back and forth in the book) then study these over and over again. Take breaks now and again for awhile so you can chill your brain. Think positive get a good nights rest. While eating breakfast read over your study sheet and go ace that test! Good luck
  13. Pathfinder is gone (totalled) Got a 99 Explorer, Wifes 95 Honda Accord V-tec and now a 1975 International Scout project truck. along with a 87 Honda XL 250R dual sport bike that I dont drive anymore
  14. I use it for squeeky hinges and I also use it in my truck and car door hinges and handles. Probably not the best for that but I always seem to have a can of it even though I honestly dont remember ever buying any.

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