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    1988 Pathy 2 door V-6 restoration.... my first vehicle rebuild...
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  1. Gonna be parting out my WD21 soon. Those of you interested in some parts, message me.

  2. The Engine went in the car and the floor is pretty rusted out. Its more work than I want to tackle.
  3. Hello again! After a few years of getting lost in the wonderful world of Ford Taurus SHO's, I have returned. My 1988 Pathfinder is not going to be with me much longer. But I did get a new daily driver. A 96 SE. Old WD21: New Daily: 228k Miles. 1 owner, clean title, maintained and garage kept its entire life. Runs perfectly. Needs some TLC. As for my WD21, she will be making her way to a scrap yard in June. Until then, if anyone needs parts off of her, message me. If you want the whole car, I was quoted $489 in Scrap for her, so pay that and she is yours. Located in Marion, NC. I will hopefully have the little things of TLC taken care of on my R50 soon. Primarily the Death wobble at 45mph. Glad to be back!
  4. LMFAO.... This is funny Read post 1 and then 2... http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f11/96-jeep-cherokee-need-opinions-1149721/
  5. I am the head Tire Tech at Griffin Brothers tires, a mechanic shop chain here in Charlotte, NC. But I also help out the mechanics with there work as well.
  6. Dude... Have you ever dried deep frying venison, then broiling it in some tomato based BBQ sauce over night... Best... thing... ever... next to boobs
  7. ROFL http://jalopnik.com/5698493/happy-thanksgiving-and-enjoy-your-engine-hoist-turkey-deep-fry/gallery/ WIN! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the Pathfinder Community!
  8. I might just get a pair for when My pathfinder gets back home!
  9. I ban My1Path for still posting on this thread...
  10. Ladies and Gentelmen... aside from rock crawling, mud pits, or 4x4 trails, I give you the next greatest form of racing ever! Straight out of Hungary... here it is:
  11. All I can say is that I guess if you get a girl you cant necessarily fool around in the back seat really well...
  12. Jamesrich- I want your pathfinder!
  13. Kingman- I Owe you a beer... Tungtsen- If you wanna throw me about $3500 and a steady job with making atleast $10/hr.... that would be great!
  14. Yeah i get to replace her trans this weekend! I got one for $350 with 110k miles on it!
  15. Its a doosey! http://www.shoforum.com/showthread.php?t=111824

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