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  1. G'day mate, always good to see another Aussie coem on board. Make sure you throw some pics up, pop into the Aus section at the bottom of the forum too.
  2. DavefromOZ

    Be Social!

    There are a couple of NPORA groups on FB, lots of us are there
  3. Cool, just added you, Matts on there too, but dont see much of him.
  4. Happy b'day guys, hope it was a good one.
  5. Happy b'day all, hope its a good one. B, looks like you are almost the spring chicken out of this bunch, didnt think that was possible.
  6. Give the guys at Snake Racing a call, they are a Calmini distributor and may be your best bet here in Oz.
  7. Not sure what I'd want, within budget. 1. Laptop coolpad fan thingy 2. Anything for the Nintendo Wii as xmas for me is all about my kids. 3. Anything Pathy related.
  8. I think nunya and my1path have both did hardbody grill swaps, not straight forward, but fairly simple.
  9. Poor bugger. I see he tslked you into a Terry
  10. Bobbing is to shorten the truck, can include shortenning the frame. What you need is a dual cab Navara (Oz Hardbody, take the tub off and put a tray on and your done.
  11. Is Rodney Tex's flatty? Welcome mate.
  12. Yup, hes North of the river. Maybe next year I'll have a fabricator to call on too.
  13. I drive a desk designing furniture layouts for ferries all over the world. The company I work for makes the furniture, we have a full cnc shop, which has certainly come in handy for my terrano. (Rear hatch glass hinges, body lift, roof basket and sway bar disconnectors so far)
  14. I know the owners of the 2.5TD pathys over here say that theirs smoke quite a bit too, seems to be a Pathy thing.
  15. Banning Kyle for changing his name. And for this
  16. Take a look at the Oz Pathy site, plenty of R51 owners modifying them down here. CLICKY Oh, and welcome back.
  17. Happy b'day mate, the bbq is lit, byo shrimp.
  18. Which is why I will shop online in that country
  19. If you need to escape, I can put you up for a few days
  20. Not a bizzare find, just bizzare circumstances. When I was about 15 (20 years ago) we were diving at a local beach, had been there for about 5 hours and were starting to get a bit hungry, no one brought any funds or anything to eat. We were standing at waters edge talking about door knocking for empty bottles which we could return for coin, I turn around and see a purple and blue thing floating along with the current about a metre under water, dive in and grab it, resurface with a 10 and 5 dollar note. Lunch is sorted.
  21. And I have my nudge bar on Gumtree, last one I had sold for 75, so I will actually make money out of it.
  22. I'll be in for it this year.

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