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  1. 1/8 is exactly half of a 1/4 mile, but based on an 8 second 1/8 mile with a terminal speed of 85 miles, your looking at roughly a 12 second 1/4. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  2. Yeah, I used to do a bit. Best advice, have fun. And white side down.
  3. Glad your ok Rob, this made the news down here too. Makes me glad we don't get them that big here.
  4. We could rig up some sort of air cannon, save the gas money for beer and bandages
  5. Long drive for you? How do you think I feel?
  6. I work in marketing & design for a company that manufactures seats for the fast ferry industry, if you ever travel via ferry in the US, there is a fair chance your sitting on our seats. First job was a pin monkey for AMF, crappy work, but I enjoyed it. Also got 3 free games every day, so my bowling improved quite a bit over the years.
  7. Started with a 500 dollar Mazda 1300 2 door sedan, which I drove until the body had rotted away to the point it wasn't safe anymore Bought a 350 dollar Mazda 1300 4 door, pulled the heart out of the 2 door and transplanted it and it ran for another 2 years while the 4 door fell apart Next was a 83 Subaru 4x4 wagon Then went to my 93 5L Ford Fairmont Then a 92 Nissan Pintara Wagon Then my scuby, damn that thing was obnoxious, used to set off car alarms when I fired it up After that I bought my hippo, I miss the old girl, but she went to a good home, this was the last time she was driven in anger by me Now I have my 06 XR6 Falcon, love this car, very easy to drive and after the Terry, it goes like a rocket when needed, I no longer have to plan when I am going to overtake, I just plant the foot and point it where I need to be I wish I could have kept the Terry, I have promised the kids we will have another 4wd, but am thinking maybe a Y61 patrol instead, when the time comes.
  8. I want to delete my acc, can anyone help me learn how to?
  9. I will ask again, one guy had one, but hasnt sent me dimensions yet. Im off work for a week, so will be after that if I can get the measurements.
  10. DavefromOz will nominate himself for the last time after the truck was re-homed
  11. Ok, hopefully I will have the dimensions before the day is done. If I do I will take the details to work and cad it up tomorrow, will see how quickly they can get one produced.
  12. I might see if I can get someone to measure one up for me, then draw it and get it drawn ip
  13. I didn't fancy doing 400km every weekend in a tin can
  14. After the Terrano ate its alternator, I decided to spoil myself with a new daily, so I picked this up today, its an 06 XR6 Falcon.
  15. G'day Russell, my fabricated parts consist of body lift blocks, swaybar disconnectors (CLICKY) & Rear glass hinges (OTHER CLICKY)
  16. Just got off the phone to the visitors centre, the bridge is closed for all of August because of the water level, so will need to reschedule a trip for next month.
  17. Guys, just so you know. There is a chance that access to the track may not be available, I will be calling the Dwellingup Visitors centre in the morning to confirm if we can get in, if not we will have to re-schedule.
  18. Sorry guys, havent been on for a few days, 14th is still on, meet up at the Ravenswood hotel at 8:30am, if you can't make it there, can meet at Dwellingup Tourist centre carpark at 9:30 (good spot to stop, last place for kids to go to the loo without having to find a tree). Its not a difficult track, but I havent tried it at this time of year, so I'm not sure what to expect. Can call me on 0433 372 497 if you want to confirm anything.
  19. Dont want a huge group, last trip down there I had 6 vehicles, was a good day. Im hoping the rain is turning it a bit muddy, as last time it was really dry and was 2wd most of the way.
  20. Can we change it to the week after? So will be the 14th instead. Im hoping to get on the track around 10, its not a long track, but I think the first section will take a fair while given the amount of rain we have had. I have to drop my kids off at 4pm at Settlers Roadhouse, the track comes out near Harvey.
  21. Just be careful with that stuff, you dont want it getting on your hootus!!
  22. G'day mate, welcome. Good to see more Perthites finding their way here. Mine doesnt see enough dirt for my liking, looking to change that in the very near future

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