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  1. thanks i got the numbers and if anyone wants them they are as follows these numbers are for a 1991 nissan terrano with 2.7 turbo diesel Drag link / center link (what ever you want to call it) OEM number ...48560-35G25 Tie rod ends inner OEM number ....48570-31G25 outer OEM number ....48520-31G25 hope that helps others in the future
  2. i am trying to find the OEM number for the drag link / center link for my 1991 terrano it is a right hand drive model (im an ozzie) does anyone know what the number is or where i could find it. any help would be most appreciated Cheers Trevor
  3. you guys are lucky you dont have to change the plugs in a Kia Sportage as its about a 3hr job just to change 4 plugs
  4. well i am a happy little camper as i was ably to find a pump from a terrano 2 and i found out they are slightly different but with a bit of creative grinding on the mounting bracket i was able to get it in and mounted and working like a brand new one (total cost was $135 for the pump and $12 for the power steering fluid)
  5. does anyone have a spare power steering pump for a 91 turbo diesel terrano mine just blew the front out as soon as i drove in the driveway at home if so how much and what would postage to gympie 4570 be cheers trev
  6. thanks for that i found that they want $20 more just to tell me they are for a terrano instead on pathfinder (rip off a$$holes)
  7. i have been told that terrano and pathfinder ball joints are different can anybody confirm or deny this
  8. thank you i dont know why i didnt think of that myself i must have had a blonde moment
  9. ok i have added a couple of extra lights at the back of my roof basket for reversing lights and i have it all wired in apart from the wire to the reverse switch but i cant find the info i need as to which wire i splice into the vehicle is a 1991 terrano turbo diesel and i have a choice of either a red or a black wire so before i go cutting i just need to know which wire i need to splice into cheers Trev
  10. i dont know how many of you guys ans gals know about so have a look at this http://media.brisbanetimes.com.au/news/national-news/sinkhole-swallows-queensland-beach-2454932.html http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/sink-hole-sucks-away-trees-at-inskip-point/story-e6freoof-1226082319986
  11. Saw you post the pic of your 80 series in someones thread...absolute beauty! Whyd you get rid of it?!

  12. i thought you guys might have liked it but if it shouldnt be here i can be deleted (or moved)
  13. i found this on you tube i dont think it will offend anyone (well i hope not anyway)
  14. In Australia we got the Pathfinder which is petrol and we get the Terrano as an import and it was turbo diesel so you would be best to try and get the importers to get you one as it will be easier and if you get the front cut you will get spare parts as well

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