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    1993 green 4 door pathy, 9500lb winch. full custom aluminum snorkel in production.roof basket and upgraded to a vg33
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    sitting here on the internet getting some fantastic ideas from you guys. And the usual camping fishing and trying not to kill the pathy

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  1. Pathfinder v6 in oz never happened. Only by mods. Cyril had a v6 Holden in his 4 door but with a lot of mod plates to go with it he rolled It last year and was selling it of.
  2. Hey aussies. In Melbourne and just putting a shout out for another pathy but looking for an auto. Looking up to 2g with rego if possible even if it needs a bit of work. If not a pathy / terrano a small car. Just need to get kid to school each day
  3. guys. ive had the good old z24 in 2 of my pathys. easy advice. rip that sucker out and grab some more power.
  4. welcome guys. not to many of us aussies on here anymore. but welcome. im in melbourne
  5. hey dowser. from memory the washer bottle switch for us was loated on the center console
  6. welcom cobber. Unfortunitly the wreckers are youre only bet for bull bars and stuff now. i know arb and tjm dont make anyhthing and are out of stock all around the country. unless you try overseas.
  7. sorry just realised i put a few didgits in the wrong order. phone number is 0412 685 860
  8. nah didnt get any message mate. sorry
  9. got a job with michaels security doors in thomastown as a fitter. will be all over melbourne ans vic from what im told
  10. yeh mate ill be in day trip or camping. got no camping gear here as yet and only start a new job on monday
  11. yeh mate. shuld be able to mate. cant see a problem from this end i can train it or borrow a car
  12. hey nick i used to live in gumbuya park....lol

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