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  1. I have always tried to be a bit easier on it, so nope sure haven't.
  2. assuming ^ is what it is, will continuing to drive it mess her up if i just dont use 4x4?
  3. mine does it. i'm broke, i pulled the top half of my steering column cover off and if you can wiggle the brown plastic piece opposite your key slot, try holding it in place. always works for me.
  4. I have a 1992.5 WD21 4x4 v6 3.0 A/T. I go to neutral while running, not moving. I pull into 4hi. It engages and ladeedah. I go back to neutral(tranny) and press'nltug to N(4x4). ANDBAM. I cannot get out of it without shutting the truck off, in neutral, to put her in 4lo or back to 4hi/2hi.. haaaving to start her in said choice. done it all while on the brakes, while off the brakes, while giggling madly and bouncing my face off of the steering wheel. I have tried to(timidly, granted.. gears maynnee..) force it out.. but i just grind like a SOB. I backed up into a pole at ~20mph a while back(yeah, asked for that, hahah...) and part of my dash flew off(omgwtf right?) buuuut what i hadnt noticed was the effing 4x4 shifter got engaged.. and i drove her home like that..at on avg 45mph roads. Relevant or not, potentially, dunno. HELPHELPHELP. k I <3 you guys btw, I havent been around much, but best wishes to yall.
  5. when cold, oil channels can clog or be dry or extra thick or whatev. after heated up the journals flow properly. oil change + trusted cleaner. mine does it too, but i dont care really.
  6. look for energy suspensions website, then find something like builders page, you can have a bushing specially made by them to your specs. same prob on my wd21 annnd on the wd21s it seems my only option cause the carrier and bushings are discontinued.
  7. Hi,

    I'm new to NPORA saw you on the members map as living in the Phoenix area. Wanted to suggest a group to go out with. I was hoping to get some other Pathfiders out there with me. www.adventureoffroadclub.com



  8. wierd growl from front end. happens when i turn at high speeds, and when i pop it into reverse or drive and stay on the brakes too. wtf?

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    2. synthetic


      replaced hubs w/ warns, replaced and repacked bearings.. could it be the preload(what is that?)

    3. OldSlowReliable


      If I'm not mistaken, preloading is the big circular nut that you tighten to put the brake rotor assy onto the spindle, and how much that is torqued..its not very much FYI

    4. adamzan


      Look in the FSM it tells you the whole procedure on how to do it. Don't screw with it without knowing what you are doing you can mess up the bearings.

  9. if anyone has any info, this may be relevant. i get the grinding noise when i back up, waaaay more pronounced when turning in reverse.
  10. The hubs are unlocked.. double and triple checked that a while ago. edit for potentially related info - i also cannot access 4lo w/o turning the truck off and starting it in 4lo. I reversed into a pole a while back, when i hit the pole my shift lever for t/case threw me somewhere in there in limbo (i didnt realize then but i was trotting around with 4 partially engaged..) now i can access 4hi and go into neutral on the tcase but cannot come out of neutral back to 4hi > 2 or even 4lo while running and tranny in neutral. have to shut truck off to get out of tcase neutral or into 4low. from 4hi back to 2hi i have no issue though..
  11. Passenger front axle - i can wiggle and when i do it replicates the noise i hear goin down the road - my autohub screwed up on that side(ie - stopped rotating mid-spin), just replaced with warn manuals.. but i had it show it's head on the freeway a few nights back - i was cornering and it sounded horrific like the axle was vibrating itself retarded in there.. loudly. It happpens a LOT on choppy streets out here and half the time when i find myself slightly on the gas in a high gear but traveling slowly.. so very lost, lost my mechanics.. now 4whl parts is my only option buuut they're pricy.. and if this can help pinpoint it i can probably do it myself. any help is appreciated.
  12. hes talking his alternator plug boot i think, only orange cap ive seen. and i have the same gas in oil issue buuut not runnin like that.. try running a bottle or three of lucas fuel injector cleaner. (i ran about 12oz, haha.. three is suggested dose for 10gal/gas) which makes four bottles i used but i just bought the huge bottle. if that don't work then i have noooo idea man, i'm watching this one too. the lucas leveled out my rough running last time it reared it's head. it's probably a temp. fix but it's where im at too.

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