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  1. Your wish is granted... http://www.up22.com/Nissan.htm
  2. I missed this thread the first time around. I'm glad it came up again. Awesome build. I especially loved the part where guys were talking @!*%, then you did it and they didn't have anything else to say. Freaking forums. You'd think folks would learn to STFU with the useless negativity and try to offer actual insight. Way to prove'm wrong. Bad-ass truck.
  3. The easiest way to get to it is to take the plenum off.
  4. This leads me to another thought... Whats the plan for when these new "pathfinder" owners start showing up on the forums looking for advice? I'm all for trying to talk someone into lifting that Outback clone 12 inches and adding a snorkel, but has their been any serious discussion here?
  5. Its disgusting, but if you check your chassis codes, the X-Terra took over for the Pathfinder a long time ago. I'm really surprised Nissan is still branding cars under this name.
  6. I recently ordered a Thrush muffler from Summit. The "Buy Now" price on their eBay store was exactly the same as their web store's after the "handling" fee. Either way, they beat everyone else by at least $10. There were no additional shipping charges and they had the part to me the next day. Summit is freak'n awesome.
  7. Wow, these Pacesetters suck! Quality be damned.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. crazyhayseed


      Yaaaa. That's wishful thinking.

      Try $200 new.


      They were beat to hell right out of the box!

    3. nismothunder


      Maybe for a vg, I can get them for products of the big 3 for 90-100.


    4. crazyhayseed


      Good for you. Welcome to the NISSAN PATHFINDER off-road association.

  8. Hooray for a world of tolerance! Next you'll be making pink paracord belts...
  9. Everything about this thread makes me physically ill. Its like watching a news story about advanced Alzheimer's immediately after grandpa has called you Billy for the 5th time in a row. I know its inevitable, but i don't wanna see my truck go out like this. I really need to find a Mexican frame...
  10. Don't let this detour you. If you genuinely want to do something different and are willing to take on the project, I'll happily cheer you on. You're headed in the right direction as far as seeking information before starting, but you have a lot more homework to do.
  11. So, you call both your truck and your dog sissies? I find something about this profoundly unsettling.
  12. Ya. Mine has been referenced as a gainfully-employed prostitute on more than one occasion.... Though, not it so many words.
  13. The FSM mentions D3 and D4, but if you can find an actual gear in there, you're a better man than I. I pretty sure automatic transmissions are assembled and operated using black magic. I'm willing to bet that if you take it apart, you'll only find a red candle floating in the center with a wick on either end... The length of the wick determines how much longer your tranny will work.
  14. If it comes out of an R50, I wouldn't think there would be much issue with mounting the motor. It should have the same mounts as a VG. The tranny might be a trick. Do you know exactly which model it is? Is it full-time AWD or select 4WD? I don't think all wheel drive would be too practical in this situation. Then, if it doesn't match the WD21's transmissions, you'll have to worry about drive lines... Custom-built may be necessary. You'd be much better off if this motor would bolt-up to your existing gearbox. Of course, even if the drive train swaps over, you still have to work out the wiring (an included engine harness probably won't be directly compatible with the chassis) and difference in fuel systems. Having the donor vehicle on hand would help, All-in-all, it sounds like a nightmare. A time-consuming, cash-guzzling, ulcer-inducing nightmare. It ought to be a blast! Do yourself a favor and find the FSM for the R50 or E50 that the motor comes from and start comparing it to the WD21.

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