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    dream pathy a pre 1990 with a sas swap 35' swampers and a vg30dett under the hood
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  1. Actually I drive about 350-425 miles a day mostly over rough rocky and muddy terrain I'm so glad I have a company credit card for gas and food lol
  2. I finally calculated the mpg of the jeep and I'm getting 8- 12 but that's with over 1000lbs of tools and junk in the bed and some very spirited driving had to do the first bit of work on it and replace the starter apparently oem jeep starters average only 5000 starts!!??
  3. thanks and the mechanics are nearly identical to that of a Cherokee a lot like the d21 and the wd21 so far i'm liking it it gets a lot of looks and attention which may not be such a good thing with my driving habits lol right now my only complaint is the fuel mileage or rather the lack of it I haven't calculated it yet but it seems to be about half of what the pathy was getting
  4. its a bitter sweet day for me I said goodbye to my beloved pathfinder but I traded for 1 of my dream cars (with less than half miles) a jeep Comanche I know some of you will very strongly disagree with this decision not only because I got rid of my pathy but because I got a jeep but I WILL own another pathfinder someday and I will be back I also sent the new owner this way and told him what a great group and useful resource npora is I still may pop in from time to time to see what kinda crazy cool and just down right crazy ideas y'all have come with
  5. A trailer isn't a very good option for my line of work I don't haul enough equipment to need the trailer but it us enough that an SUV just isn't suitable beside I would honestly be worried about getting stuck pulling a trailer
  6. A trailer isn't a very good option for my line of work I don't haul enough equipment to need the trailer but it us enough that an SUV just isn't suitable beside I would honestly be worried about getting stuck pulling a trailer
  7. I mainly say its time for a new vehicle because I really need a pick up and I think y'all are right I will absolutely regret selling my pathy and besides I found a dealership that can approve me for 0 down on a slick 04 ram
  8. The time has come to look into a different vehicle and there are a few at local car lots that have grabbed my attention (including another pathy) now the question is do I save for a couple months for a down payment trade in the pathfinder or sell it I'd hate to see it go but if I keep it it would just be a play toy and I've been to busy lately to go wheelin and I think I'd rather see it go to someone that would get some use out of it than watch it rot in my yard what would y'all do?
  9. I'm doing my lower right ball joint and i got it completely unbolted and loose then discovered what most of you already know and what i should've seen. the cv axle is in the way I've tried doing a search and turned up nothing so what is the best way to get past the cv axle
  10. You find your self rescuing broke down jeeps entirely to often
  11. When ur horn bares a striking resemblance to that of herbie the love bug's
  12. me too lol just had autozone order some more... isn't there a company that makes metal 1s?
  13. I'm trying to wire in the aftermarket deck i got into my 92 se and have a small issue i can't figure out where to run the ground wire for the radio i checked the crutchfield table and it seems like it will be very helpful other than not tellin wich wire is the ground anyone know?
  14. Got tires as stated above also found a decent aftermarket deck at a flea market removed fender flares because the 32s rubbed if i had the wheel fully cranked finally getting somewhere

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