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  1. Thats not too dissimilar to what I'm making, Most of mine comes from boredom, and trying to get another influx of income, because there should be no idle time in my life I'm not making money. Trying to get into school and at my current state, I'm treading water. I like the slower tempo, because I normally listen to rock or metal (hence the guitar riffs in the tracks).
  2. Thanks!! I'm working on a new album, because that one was pretty much thrown together in a weeks time. The next one will be tediously mastered, remastered, and mastered again, and hopefully, I'll catch a big break on this. If not, I'll still sell or give it away to my forum buddies (Everyone else has to pay bwahahaah) The proceeds I get from the album are getting saved so that I can build the EGT, and Pathfinder into MONSTERS. It won't happen overnight, I am aware, but with time, and word of mouth and fingers typing on keyboards, I'll attain the goal I set for myself. Thanks for all the support guys, it really does mean a LOT to a little po-dunk redneck like myself.
  3. Well everyone check out the album, and give me some feedback! Feedback is always a good thing!
  4. Haha, Well it beats my poor little Escort to pieces, and I'm only pushing 900W bridged through two subs, and it makes objects in the rearview pretty much unrecognizable.
  5. Ok y'all, I know it's been a while since I've been online and I know a lot of you hardcore mudders don't have booming systems in the Pathy, but if you have an alternate car that DOES, or you do have a booming system in your pathfinder, check out my Facebook artist page DJ Jack Ripper It is all mostly instrumental bass tracks, but since I like my rock and metal, I figured I'd throw some of that in there. Give it a listen and if you're interested in buying an EP (8 tracks 320kb/s Bitrate) they are 5 bucks normally, but for NPORA, I'll do it for 4 bucks a pop. They are available for digital download only (I email them to you) upon receipt of paypal transfer, and so far I have sold one EP and the individual likes it, so I guess it's not too bad. Anyways, either hit me on here, or shoot me a PM if you like it, and if you don't mind, give the FB artist page a like while you're there. Thanks!!!
  6. See I have a friend that stayed farked up on Klonopins, albeit he was prescribed them, he was NOT prescribed 12 in an hours timespan. I have mild PTSD, and I ain't on @!*%e, don't care to be. Anyways, he would drink ON TOP of those, come over and have to be escorted off of the premises. If you want to have a good time, fine, just don't come to my house, and be 'That guy'. Also, why the hell does everyone try to get high on @!*%e that will KILL them??? Makes no sense to me. Oh and on the ammonia and bleach thing.... I had a job in town last year, and the boss had a bucket of what I thought was water sitting outside, well, in the kind of work we did, I didn't have time to sprint to the bathroom, so I went to go piss in the pot. Little did I know, the pot was full of 75/25% bleach/water mix. I have never coughed so hard, had such a lack of breath or had my eyes burnt so bad in my LIFE. And it was one of those leaks where you let one rip and sigh afterwards. Needless to say, didn't pee in that particular bucket ever again.
  7. True, I guess I shouldn't post while fit-shaced anymore.... You get the basics of what I was saying though right?
  8. Yeah, with superchargers, centrifugal, roots and all other belt driven superchargers, it really takes HP to make HP. Sometimes its not worth it. If you have a stock engine with 250+ hp, and you want to add a S/C, consider the weight of the Sc, and the power/weight that you are gonna achieve. If you're burning more ponies to make some, then it's really not beneficial to you.
  9. I am a Home Health care specialist. I am currently working under private contract for a family friend, taking care of his son who was in a horrible car accident and is paralyzed from the neck down. Feed him, bathe him, dress him, and all this with minimal supplies, and what we do have is outdated. I used to be an Airborne Trooper and not a lot would break me, but taking this job breaks me on a daily basis. Not physically, not mentally, but emotionally. It's hard to see how bad he has it and the fact that he sued Ford for their faulty seatbelt mechanisms, and lost. As a matter of fact, his lawyer got counter-sued and Ford won. He got nothing out of the deal, but paralyzed.
  10. JayD

    Airsoft anyone?

    OK, so one just large enough to fit between the Co2 cartridge and the mag? It's a pretty intricate design, hard for me to explain.....
  11. JayD

    Airsoft anyone?

    Ah they have rebuild kits? The guy I got it from said that he was loosening the brass fitting that the Cartridge fits into on accident (ionno, hes an idiot) and he said it wont seal.
  12. JayD

    Airsoft anyone?

    Ok, so I got this airsoft pistol from a friend, who says its broken... He says when he puts a CO2 cartridge in it, it all hisses out. It is a Wal-mart brand Taurus 24/7 Replica model, don't know exact specs, but what could cause it to just leak out...? I know there are some Airsoft nuts around here, just wanted to get y'alls input before I
  13. JayD

    Homemade wine!

    Can't ship to MS, otherwise a great idea!
  14. JayD

    Homemade wine!

    I'll never deny it Guilty as charged. But yeah, if you're in the area, stop by and get drunk with me!
  15. JayD

    Homemade wine!

    You know those big water jugs you get at Wal-mart (or costco depending on where you live)? I use those. Stock up in bulk. I have enough hooch to make my liver hate me

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