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I think i meet all of the requirements, but i am going to wait to send in my stuff intell the SAS is done and i get some new pics, I really just poped in here to say what a great job you guys are doing with this.

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Ok, I'd like to officially apply for membership. Joined April 10 2009.


2003 Pathy LE. SASed with Dana 44 front axle, leaf springs & shocks, custom hi-steer steering, manual locking hubs. ARB lockers F&R. Nissan Japan 4.88 gears. 35" Super Swamper Radials.


App pics:








Let me know if I need to do anything else.



Doh! I just read the instructions. Filled out form! Sorry.

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Ok I slacked off on adding new members (sorry Shabl and everyone else, but thanks for being patient beer.gif )


Four new members were added



Welcome to:







You can find your Official NPORA Member pages here:











Oh and 18 non-eligible apps rooted through and removed thumbsdown_anim.gif

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Ok so I missed an e in the post above.... fixed P...






Pages are built with text copied from submitted info I try to change as little as needed ;)


Also notification of new pages are sent out by email (in addition to posting here) and request that the members review their new page and notify us of any inaccuracies.



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Did my application for membership get lost? I applied back in April or May '10. I think I qualify... I submitted photos and everything...



Looking back at your posts, it appears that you did not meet the requirements then (under 100 posts), as such and as posted in this thread, your app would have been deleted. I scan every app and verify members and their eligibility.


On top of that, there are also check boxes that ask if you meet the requirements and we verify each new applicants eligibility before moving forward with a member page. Because of the number of people who simply ignored those conditions, the applications from anyone who applies but do not qualify are simply deleted. Besides being a big waste of everyones time, it's not fair to those who patiently waited if we add those who did not, before them.

*If you applied prior to being eligible, then you will need to reapply again to be considered.*



We get apps..


From people with fewer than 100 posts

People with less than 1yr

People who sign up to the forums and try and sneak by us by applying right after signing up.

People with 0 posts


I check users names, sign in names and email addresses to "try" and verify everyone I can. If an applicants user name/sign in name/email address do not match a valid member or if they do not meet the requirements or they simply did not submit any pictures, then the app gets deleted.


Sorry if this seems strict, but we wasted an unbelievable amount of time early on getting this going and again as we repeatedly sorted through new apps only to find a few valid ones... sometimes none at all! We also used to email people for the required info, but again, this takes a lot of time and as such we have cut back on the amount of leg work we are willing to do, when the application page spells it out clearly wink.gif


But as said before if you applied back then, based on your posts dating back to when you believe you applied, you would not have had enough posts then.


Sorry, but please feel free to apply again, as you definitely do meet the requirements now thumbsup.gif


Just remember to give the proper info and include two pictures! beer.gif






For those that recently applied, we have them and those of you who do qualify (if there are any), I will try and get your pages built soon thumbsup.gif

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Four new member pages have been added







Welcome Guys thumbsup.gif

You all should have an email with direct links to your pages.







For those who applied but do not have a page, please READ the membership requirements BEFORE submitting the application, it would save us a bunch of time if you would. We check the eligibility of all applicants before creating a page. You must meet those requirements in order to join togo.gif

You are of course welcome to reapply once you meet these requirements


For any who did apply and did meet the requirements... pictures are required. If you do not submit pictures with your app, we skip over it and move on to the next. We do not want to have blank pic spots on our members lists and pages.


If that is the reason you do not see a page up here you are welcome to resubmit an app with pictures attached.

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Hello, I just submitted my application, I know it is a day early but I will not be around tomorrow to submit it. If this is not ok let me know and I will re-submit it later, thanks



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