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  1. I got under the rig with no pressure on the drive shaft. Couldn't get any play out of it. I'm not ruling it out. Also still gotta get the time to get the front End off the ground and check front end parts. It's weird. I doubt the take off vibration is related to the vibration at 40+ but I could be wrong. If almost feels like a bad cv. But the boots and cv shafts look perfect.
  2. I read through a hand ful of topics here and nico club. I just bought this and it has two issues. Fuel gauge is inaccurate (half is empty) as well as it has a vibration when taking off until like second gear. And then from about 45-70mph the chassis shakes. Like I can feel it through my feel and body. Steering wheel not so much. I never found a solid what was wrong. after 75+it smooths out. But you can kind of "hear" it.
  3. flares will not fit same. qx4 blends into the running boards/body lines more.
  4. i installed mine with the bolts supplied... worked great and i put them through hell and many wheeling trips. keep doing what youre doing steve might order another set in a few months if youre still making them (for a new rig!)
  5. Trader backed out... oh well. got my old job back making good money. gonna save up for 2001 or newer. more specifically a 2003 or 2004. being a 5 speed would be a bonus. lol.
  6. Andrew. You're and awesome dude. Hope you do stick around! Good people are hard to find and it's great that we have so many here!
  7. Trading it for a 91 se 5 speed pathy tomorrow lol. yay.
  8. 2.5L Subaru turbo's.... header wraps around it to be able to barely fit a hand... not to mention the sharp edges of the heat sheilds. they call it the hell hole for a reason.... -_-
  9. ALMOST had it traded for a 95 se 5 speed pathy.... The clicking axle turned him away.
  10. For sure! lol. Didn't find any feminine products tho. So were good. lol. Just got new cooling fans for it today. All is well. Next is to tackle to axle. then just cosmetics.
  11. Yeah it was crazy lol. last hundred bucks to my name. Cleaned and detailed the inside today.. i gotta stop buying cars owned by chicks... filthy. Discovered the fans are shot. Junk yard trip soon it is.. Got good tires all around now. this car rides super smooth!
  12. So i picked up this car on thursday. It was their daughters first car. 1998 Nissan Altima GLE fully loaded. Story was she was driving down the freeway and the car shut off. I listened to it turn over nothing seemed bad. Figured worst case, it needed a headgasket. Towed it home, got it to fire off ether once, figured it was spark or fuel. I was messing with it alone on friday. Pulled the cap (brand new distributor, cap, wires, and rotor.) set the three screws for the cap on the fender, pulled the cap. Another screw fell out (wtf, where did this one come from?) looking at it... touched the rotor and it just spun and spun around.... when they did the new parts they didnt tighten the screw on the back of the rotor enough and it wiggled loose. I lost said screw when it fell out. Best part. I paid $75 for the car and a new rotor with a screw was $14. $89 car to hold me over until tax time ish when i look for another pathfinder or a 3.4 4runner. If anyone has any hookups on some cosmetic parts or know where to find them for this altima let me know. Figured i'd share my story. Oh, and i need to find out why the rad fans don't come on..... at all. Over heats when idling for extended periods of time. It does have an ugly side (hence the request for cosmetics) but the leather interior is almost flawless.
  13. i had 33x12.50x15's on stock toyota wheels with no lift... and they tucked! Front touched the inner fender guards just barely. ran that way for a month before i got the 2" ac lift. so really all you would need is different offset whees.
  14. Paid 80$ for two almost brand new KYB Gr-2s (struts) off an infiniti the other day. Came with springs and top hats. Felt like that was a pretty good deal Edit: For meaning "Struts"
  15. Here's the difference. R50 one is on the top. Doesn't have near enough movement lol.
  16. Also. It was much easier to take the center console out and go through the floor than It would been doing it from underneath.
  17. Just took it out. 4x4 engages perfectly fine now. Minus being able to throw the shifter wherever lol. The r50 plate doesn't allow it to shift far enough I guess.
  18. Damn! Lol. Okay. I'll have to try shoving my hands in there to swap it out. Thanks.
  19. So you used the wd21 on the r50 trans or left it? I'm running the r50 one...
  20. The 1995 I just bought has an r50 transmission in it. With a wd21 t case. My 4x4 selector is all out of whack. 4hi is between 4hi and neutral and I can grab four lo at all. It's like the shifter doesn't move far enough. Does anyone know of the lockout plate (safety plate?) you have to push down to move into 4x4 lo is different between wd and R50? We used the one from the r50...
  21. Decided to go play in some sand... Almost got stuck. My transfer goes as follows. 4hi - Grindy sounds. neutral-nothing (expected) 4lo - Grindy sounds. Between 4hi and neutral... I get 4hi lol. Is there some sort of adjustment I don't know about? Also discovered the very bottom linkage arm for the t case is kinda rusty under the boot. *sigh, adds to the list*
  22. Yeah the seats aren't even worn out the slightest. My r50 Got Sold when I stepped into the subie game for a while. Haha. They are 31x10.50x15s. Bfg all terrains. Might try to get some new ones here soon. These ones are about done.

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