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  1. All good points gentlemen . FYI - starter is 30 days old ... just installed it .When the key is in the ignition and the door is open , there is a door chime letting me know there is a key in it. Albeit this is in the non ACC position.
  2. Thank you , so I guess to fix my no start ... its only sometime especially when its uber cold , all other times of the day its about 75% good , I need to replace the interlock switch ( relay) ?
  3. Build date is 6/94 . Licensed as a 95 Manual Transmission XE model Sold out of Canada
  4. I dont have that one. In fact I can see where the Phillips screws in your picture would go on my fender wall , but there is nothing there . Strangeness
  5. So I have searched the web and here and everybody says its either on the fender wall of the passenger side or directly behind the charcoal filter on the driver side . I have looked and all I have on the fender wall are 3 blue single relays and behind the charcoal canister is one orange relay. Nothing that looks like the dual electrical plug in starter relay I got from the store to replace the faulty one. Does it make a difference my car is from canada ? I will post pics of the 2 locations shortly for you all to disect
  6. Man , I dont know whats with you guys . I do those daily at my shop and its a cake walk . Just put on the insulated gloves for this one and walla . Oil change in 10 minutes or less.
  7. check the timing via crank and cam pulleys! I would say do a compression test but these buggers are difficult to get some banks thread / accessed . sounds like the PO was trying to rectify your problem so my instinct says ... check the timing via the crank and cam pulleys !
  8. No heat shield = HAI ( hot air intake) . Just go back to stock ..... its not a SCCA track car LOL
  9. OK , so we are done! I finished the tune up and fluids today . Well actually i didnt change the fluids as they looked fresh ..... fluid came out of every fill plug and when I put my finger on it ... it was basically fresh . All but the rear diff . Did that today with syn. #6 spark plug ... the bitch that everyone complains about . Simple ... have wobble extensions and pull the 2 10mm screws holding the A/C line on the firewall off. then pull that line forward. Walla , plenty o room with wobble extensions. Dist cap phillips were buggered so I just drilled the heads of em off , then removed cap then hand unwound the left of the studs . Rig is Done and ready for some DAMN SNOW! Im a snow hound
  10. BRILLIANT! Wonder what diameter the axles are as I would guinea pig this product!
  11. V Groove should be copper unless you get the nickle ones .... which I would not run.
  12. OK , so timing belt , water pump ,thermostat job is completed . Now to move to the tune up portion. I love how Nissan designers decided to use Philips screws for hold down / clamp down components ....... NOT! Distributor cap Philips bolts are so rusted they have been stripped by PO trying to get them off . Ugh!

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