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  1. http://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981166-pathfinder-suspension-package.html Looking at this kit for mine. Anyone have any thoughts? Maybe this could also help the original poster.
  2. Sounds good as im supposed to be going with some of my old Jeep crew sometime soon. Yeah I saw that the SFD is kinda extinct for now so looks like im gonna do the spacer lift. When i do it im looking at going ahead and doing the front struts and rear shocks as well since im in there.
  3. I was under the impression that the XE stock 15s wont hold the 31x10.50's for safety reasons?
  4. Definitely interested! I am considering either the 2 inch spacer lift or the 4 inch subframe drop kit. Just cant really find a straight answer on max tire size with the sfd kit.
  5. Looking at trying the old 98 Pathy out at Uwharrie this year finally. Im looking at doing a bone stock run then later in the year do a modified run and see the difference. My biggest question is has anyone here took a stock R50 to Uwharrie and if so how did it fair? Any tips for me? Not looking to go crazy first time there but do want to see what it can do. As she sits she is a 1998 Pathfinder XE 5 speed with the factory LSD in back and 235/75/r15 Goodyear Wranglers on stock chromies. Thanks in advance, By the way my future upgrades are the Fluerrys 2 inch lift and the 265/75r16 mts on crager rims.
  6. Looks great man. I was hoping to see one like that without the fender flares as mine doesnt have them. Thanks a bunch. Is that the 4 inch
  7. Thank you so much for the info and yeah i finally got it cleared up thanks. Is anyone on here running the AC 2inch lift with 31's? Curious to see what that would look like or if i need to plan on larger tires. The jeep I had previously had a 4.5 inch lift with 31's and I loved it. It was a jeep zj for reference but it allowed for alot of flex on the trails and didnt look odd with the fender gap.
  8. So after doing some research and all im still confused. Im going with 31x10.50r15's. Im getting new 15x8 wheels but im still unsure on the backspacing. I plan on lifting in the end anyway but for right now keeping it stock. Which backspacing is better? 3.75 or 4.00 and can someone please explain or show me the visual difference?
  9. Ok so after noticing that my Path had a little lean in its stance very slight mind you I did some measuring. The side to side difference is about an inch to an inch and a half towards the drivers side. So I know im gonna have to go into the suspension so I was trying to get an idea, am i looking at new coils and all or should new struts and shocks fix this issue? Like i said its not very noticeable from looking at it i guess i just caught it just right to see it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Nevermind i just saw this! I will try these numbers and see what i come up with.
  11. Ok so just checked out courtesy parts website and maybe its just their diagram but im having a hard time getting the correct part numbers for the bolts and nuts. I know that 4 bolts are long and 4 are short plus i think there is other differences too. I do agree that OEM is the better way to go. But that diagram is putting a butt whooping on my eyes!
  12. It might have been something i did but when i clicked on the link nothing happend?
  13. I decided to go with the link i was given. I aint trying to cut corners but really wasent looking to blow the bank. Thanks for the info!

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