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  1. update to an old thread, life happened. Got a new truck after this, and other life stuff, long story short, sold the whole project minus the pathfinder, ended up with another VG33 and have since put it back in the pathfinder, currently not running but soon.
  2. For a moment there, I thought that was my truck.
  3. I would have like to stay with all nissan stuff as well but this will work out good I think.. I got the pcm for the 305.
  4. Hurst Promatic shifter 2, NP205, turbo 350, 305 TBI V8. It begins..
  5. I would have choose a 350 any day, but for the price,it made up for it. To each their own. I have a daily driver already, pathfinder has always been my daily driver so why not make it my full time off road rig?
  6. Bought a Motor!

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    2. nunya


      less fun though

    3. thehuntersam


      Tensioner stud failed on the first one.2nd one was a plugged pickup tube.


    4. PaMountianbiker


      J/K I'm on #2 and hope it lasts

  7. Well, I bought a motor, trans, and transfer-case. How does a 305 V8 sound? With a turbo 350 and an NP205. Bought leaf springs for front and rear. Still deciding on sticking to D44 or D60. Guess money will tell. This is just the beginning. I will be picking everything this weekend, stay tuned for pics!!.
  8. When I did the swap I ran into the same problem with the AC, just ended up running without it for now. I do miss it sometimes but I love the rolling down the windows though so it worked out
  9. Just run the vg 33 motor and get all the accesories from a xterra or frontier.it will all lign back up and look just as good
  10. Been a while since I have been on, still haven't bought a motor yet, due to lack of funds. Although, inside is ready for rhino lining now, just gotta spray it down. Ecu relocation is almost done, just need to clean up the wiring harness and finish the mounts. Still tossing around the idea of a 4.3 or a V8. I have gained access to some motors that would be about the same cost as a VG33.
  11. Yeah if you're low on cash like me, do the VG33 swap, it will keep ya happy for the most part. I managed to tare down some of the motor today and what I found was... 2 bent connecting rods! Not sure if the piston's are welded to the block yet, still need to pull the head off but so far it's not looking pretty..
  12. update, interior is all out, rhino lining is bought, some parts have been sanded and rhino lined already. Engine is out, still haven't pulled it apart yet. Will be relocating the ecu to a better spot. Here's pics, here's a link to more pics. My link
  13. I do plan on taking it apart and seeing what happened to it.. I'm thinking the piston welded itself to the block. I won't have access to a picker until wednesday, so the engine will come out then.
  14. Update: motor is almost out. Just need to loosen the motor mounts and she's out. I'm having a hard time finding the VG33R around here, having very good luck with VG33's and not so good of luck with the axle either..
  15. Well.. here's the story, I haven't been off roading in a long time and figured I should go before it snows too much, about a month ago while out at Utah Lake with some friends, I was testing out my new SL and managed to seize my VG33. Just my luck.The only time I go on my only day off. Puddle wasn't even deep.. Oh well. Here's the plan. I figured since I'll be pulling the engine why not get rid of the front end? I'm tired of messing with it, parts wearing out, alignment issues etc. 88 Jeep Wagoneer axle Coil Over's 3 Link Rear end will have 4.9 gears with an xterra 3rd member. For the motor I was thinking either another 90's VG33, 2000's VG33R or 350SBC. I'm leaning towards the VG33 or VG33R due to finance's. I have the time, tools so why not? What do you guys think?
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