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  1. Got a parts 1998 pathfinder today. For fun, gonna put the 2000 axle on the '96. If don't like way it looks, OEM now on hand. Pix to follow...
  2. Thought it would swap right on too. However, the shocks, coil springs and both top and bottom brackets/attachment points for shocks are different. Seems new rear axle assembly came out for the 99's & beyond. Shocks are basically flipped upside down on the 2000 compared to the 96. 96's have stud on body vs 2000's bracket on body for upper shock attachment. Bracket on axle assembly for shock is couple inches lower on 2000 than the '96 and a stud. Coil springs seem to been a little shorter on the 2000. Can I rotate the lower shock attachment of the '96 90deg to address the shock fitment problem? Which springs to use? ABS from 2000 should plug right in. I have the entire 2000 donor. I'll send some pics for visualization.
  3. Has anyone ever put a 2000 axle housing on a 1996? Know they are different, just wondering if it can be done?
  4. Oh yea, '96 green needs rear main seal and '96 black leaks oil from lots of places. But, chassis are good and both have LSD's, new tires, struts and shocks.
  5. Just yesterday, my '96 SE Green 4WD 5-speed started up just fine. Backed it up, pulled forward. After coming to a stop at the garage door, my "Check Engine" lights up. Since everything was running just fine, I shut it off. After 5 min, turning the ignition switch every minute and hearing it turn but not crank, I finally resorted to pumping the pedal like my 1st car, a '74 Pontiac Catalina. It slowly started to crank, coughed, and fired up. Everything ran fine for the next 8 hours and 470 miles as I didn't turn it off til I got home from Cleveland. Today, no issues. Runs as it always has. O'Reilly's Bosch code talker said: #1 Knock Sensor is DEAD #2 Coolant Loop. Guy at O'Reilly's said that meant a bad thermostat. Don't recall any wires going to the thermostat... 225000 mile on original engine and transmission. new timing belt job and alternator @ 210000. My '96 LE Black 4WD Auto has thrown multiple codes for years, including the knock and O2 sensors. It recently started exhibiting the driving issue you refer to. To a point, it almost freezes up while being driven. I can't drive it right now it's so bad. Started out of the blue. My mechanic said it was probly the distributer. I have one from a '02 Xterra I put in my '95 SE Green 4WD Auto. Hopefully it will work. However, I may just drop a newer engine into them. Any reason I shouldn't?
  6. Alright James! I've got mine on the way this week. Should have it by the weekend. Can't wait to see what it really looks like... Your comment about the A/C concerns me a bit. Can the lines be replaced/retro'd? Also finding that the exhaust manifolds are slightly differant than the vg30e. Catalytic converter is attached to each manifold, directly. Inverted turbo? Custom exhaust work in the near future I predict. Yesssss..... Was this mani/cata design used on 96-1999? Some part reseach says that it may have. On one side only maybe? Any educating is appreciated. Motor mounts!!! I think it makes sence for the 95 vg30e mounts to work on the 02 vg33e. The mount has to match the wd21 engine compartment, and since the engine, 02 vg33e, has the same bottem, it should just drop in. Especially since the transmission is "bolt on". It just "makes sence". Right?!? Positive notes: thermostat, timing belt tension/pulley, valve cover gascket, lifters, oil pan gasket & pan appear to be interchageable. Thanx to all for their advise! Looking forward to some more!
  7. Instead of retro fitting a '96-2000 pathfinder VG33E to have the PS and Alternator on the same side as the VG30E I'm replacing, why not put an engine from a 2000-04 Xterra/Frontier in instead? Have read sometimes there is a problem with the oil pan not fitting right on the VG33e in the WD21. Can it be replaced with the oil pan from my VG30E? Are the motor mounts the same? Rockauto has differant parts listed for '96 and up Pathfinders. Is the ECU from my '95 going to work on the 2004 engine? For the past 2 months, I've been researching my engine swap. 3.0 is gone. 3.3, as recomended by all y'all, going in as soon as it gets here. I just want to make sure that I get the best/right one. If the ECU works on the xterrra version, wouldn't it make sence to go that route? Can't use the VG30E alternator on the VG33E engine anyway, right? Anything else you kind folks can think of? THANX!
  8. My mom, an english teacher by trade, always said that I write like I talk! Perhaps an enter to denote a new thought? So much for that catholic school grammar. and spelling, too! So, regarding the engine to tc/tranny bolt up: Does the engine HAVE to be disassembled to be installed? Cause it was/need to be during the extraction. We started at the top and worked our way down and out.... Perhaps my mechanic missed some bolts that would have made pulling the engine easier. Are there any bolts on the tranny side that release the engine? Since it, the tranny, is a direct bolt on, it sorta makes sence to me that there may be. Like I mentioned above, the last couple nuts were hidden by a plate, all his mechanic buddies said there should be a space thru said plate to reach the nuts, yet, bolts on the plate had to be loosened to align the pass thru to thenuts. Bolts/nuts...ergggg. At this point, there are threaded bolts coming from the tranny. Diesel is interesting. It works on bio diesel too right.... What is the mpg? Are there any particulares to the retro? What do ya'll think about a suppercharged 3.3 exterra engine? Think its from a 03. If i went diesel, is turbo an option? Ummmmm, turbo.
  9. Alright. After much consideration, a bit/hours of research and $ comparisons....... x3. VG33 it is. Piece of cake it is said to be. And let it may be so, but I still have some questions. Since I will be putting the vg33 engine and components into a wd21, what modifications are required? I will use only wg33 parts on the engine; as it is a complete replacement. Replacing all seals and gaskets, timing belt and pulley, plugs, ignit wires and distrib, exhaust mani studs(maybe manifolds too, but probly not worth the $200), belts, idler pulley, lifters, oil pump, thermostat and water pump. Anything else? Are the engine mounts the same? Had some issues getting to the nuts to remove the engine from the torque converter and transmission. Does the tc need to come off the tranny and put on the engine before install? Would it make it easier? My tranny works fine now, but should i replace with a newer one or wait till it goes? WHAT else? MY1PATH: 4 wheel disk "swap"....... Have '94 with all disk and '95 with disk & drum. What does it take to make my '95 all disk? Please advise with an furthur suggestions regarding the updte. I look forward to NOT having to do this again until iI'm 50! Slightly over a decade from now! :jig:
  10. Looks good! When I redo all my bushings, I will be using these notes. Regarding your shock absorber bushings.... New shocks come with these already installed,and you'll have new shocks. I just bought 4 rancho 5000 for $100 at Sears. Yup $100 for all 4. Look for them at half off, cause they are about $50+ at most places, most the time. ALL the "extra parts" that came with were NOT used. Meaning a mostly straight forward/exact factory swap However, be sure to keep all nuts and washers you remove. Better yet, find new ones at the hardware store. The proper sized replacement nut and washers are the only parts that are really needed yet not supplied. EXCEPT FOR: front upper. They supply those, probly because it will take a cutting disk or torch (both in my case) to remove the upper hut/bushing side of the shock. Just be careful of the mount! About the only other thing you haven't touched on is the rear coil spring. Amazon has Moog springs for about $75. Hope this info helps.
  11. It has come to this!!! Going to replace the engine, probly transimission as well, on my 1995 SE. Fully aware of the cost, therefore want some opininos as to the best place to source remanufactured engines and transmissions. SWengines, barnettes and some others are what i've seen during some surfing. Please, advise... THANX! John

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