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    92 Pathfinder converted to a VG33E with a Custom Air intake system, 2 1/2 inch Exhaust with a Thrush Turbo Muffler and Limited Slip Differential. Go Custom or Go HoMe!
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  1. I also did the VG33 Swap. Every connector goes in the same spot. I helped a guy here in Colorado do the swap too. He forgot to plug in the knock sensor that is under the intake manifold. But yes like Precise said Please post pics or atleast give us the colors of the wires at the plugs with no homes .
  2. Yo ho Yo ho . My hands a conistantly greasey and dirty . I rarely want to touch my pathy under the hood these last 6 months. BLAH!!!

  3. well yes it does come with the SE . I have it on my SE atleast!
  4. it sure is effective. When i get stuck in 4 wheel drive i turn it on for that extra power and it helps. Now on the streets in town i have no idea.
  5. Anyone want to go wheeling? send me a message. I will go with you.

  6. Will the VG30E out of a 92 pathfinder bolt up to the transmission in a 92 pickup? Please answer quick I have a guy wanting to buy my old VG30E . Would he have to do alot of Fabrication to get the VG30 into it?
  7. Life is Good With my VG33E! Sure am happy i went up to the VG33E .

    1. Tungsten


      Now boost it.

  8. What year of grand cherokee and get them stock height for the jeep or find one that has a lift? What is a good website for new torsions? In doing this"lift" how much of a lift will this give me?
  9. I am needing to know if i go with https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-custom-suspension-lift-p-54.html is there anything else that i will need to get to have this lift kit work besides shocks? Please help. If you know of a better suspension lift that is CHEAP and around 2 or 3 inches please let me know .
  10. hey everyone , I live in Grand Junction. Anyone around me?
  11. Well My NOW wife and I got up to our own wedding! I put everything together just in time to leave town and get to utah! Damn the VG33E has a BIG noticeable difference then the VG30E !

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    2. Nefarious


      Ya I still need to swap those in from my old motor. I'll do it with the timing belt when I do that soon.

    3. rwd5021


      Congrats on both!

    4. Slartibartfast


      That takes balls, leaving for your wedding with a freshly swapped motor. :D Congrats.

  12. Who in Utah wants to Ride some trails in MOAB ? June 4th and 5th I will be Trail riding in Utah.
  13. distributor is in and WoW that intake manifold was Nasty. It is new new looking now . I have alot of pics during this Conversion. I just Don't know how to post them up on this forum.
  14. Hey everyone , Just your good buddy from Colorado. Wondering if anyone wants to join me and my Fiance(soon to be wife) , on part of our honeymoon out trail riding in MOAB, Utah? She has alot of family in Moab and she knows the area pretty good! I am nearing the end of my VG33E conversion right now. I just want to see if anyone wants to make a Pathy group forum TRIP!! I think it sounds Awesome. A couple or a bunch of 'US' NPORA Junkies mobbing Moab together. Proving that not Only Jeeps can wheel. Yuck i can't believe i said the NaStY "J" word. That word makes to sick to my stomach. LOL! Message me !

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