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Official NPORA Membership


Phase 3: Open for Business!


With the launch of the newly designed nissanpathfinders.net page, we are happy to announce that we are now in Phase 3 of the Official NPORA Membership Update.


What's this about?

For those who are new, and are wondering what this is all about, some of our members had personal pages up on the old .com site, when our founder Mr. Jim was running the show. With a $10 donation members got a space on the website to show off their trucks. The membership is currently free to new members, however there are some rules. (see "Who is Eligible?")


What does being an "Official NPORA Member" mean to me?

As an official NPORA member, you get your own member page on the nissanpathfinder.net webpage. This page will include up to 2 images of your Pathfinder and a brief description of your truck. It's a place to show off your rig, share your modifications and inspire other Pathfinder owners.


Who is Eligible?

Eligible members must be active members on the NPORA Forums. New members must be registered on this forum for a minimum of one year, and also have a minimum of 100 posts on the board. We want to encourage people who are truly excited about their pathfinder, and this online community to become members.


Does this effect my membership on the forum?

Although you need to be a member on the forum to have a membership page, it does not effect your membership as a registered user on the forum.


How do I become an official NPORA Member?

Check out the membership page on the nissanpathfinders.net website: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/membership.html



Phase 1 & 2 member pages have been set up and uploaded for you to browse and share. Check em out!


For more info on the website launch, check out this thread: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=21200

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Click the links and READ. Don't just look at the pretty pictures. :tongue:


There's a button on one of the links that says "Join NPORA" It brings you to this page.


http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/joinnpora.html You attach the pictures there directly.

I am already a member, I realized the pics I put on there were low-res and wanted to put an updated photo...unless reentering my info through the join page is the correct way, i figured better to ask this way then have Pezzy or Scott call me an asshat for joining again...

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Thanks Simon :coffee!:




Lax, for now emailing us at membership@nissanpathfinders.net will be good enough (for pic/info updates, NOT new membership requests) :aok:

*Remember to include your forum name and member number and please use the email address you registered with*



To all future applicants:

There is another requirement that we have not clearly specified. When applying for membership you MUST include pics or your app will be deleted. We intended on doing away with the "members who never sent in pictures" that plagued the old sites members page, and already we have a couple on the new site that have none.... What's the point of having a page to show of your truck, if you provide no pics to show it off!! :crazy:


You may see the member app page change off and on as we fine tune the whole process, live and learn :aok:

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Does it have to be 1 year and +100 posts ?


I passed the 100 posts but I will still have to wait for a long time to become an NPORA memebr then , isn't there a short cut ?

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Does it have to be 1 year and +100 posts ?


I passed the 100 posts but I will still have to wait for a long time to become an NPORA memebr then , isn't there a short cut ?

Unfortunately not, the criteria would have been set for a long time, it wouldnt be fair on people that waited for the full year if it was changed now. I will be waiting patiently to become "official".

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Does it have to be 1 year and +100 posts ?

I passed the 100 posts but I will still have to wait for a long time to become an NPORA memebr then , isn't there a short cut ?

As Dave mentioned, there is no "shortcut" to get a member page. The requirements are there to keep everything fair. The only exceptions that were made was for people who had paid but never got a page on the original site. That was Phase 2 which is now closed.



I'm still not there... I must be phase 3.... lol :shrug:

Phase 1&2 are closed and have been for a while now, no new members will be added under them. So every new member is Phase 3 ;)


And just something to consider here, we got a lot of new member submissions from people that did not qualify P... The conditions are simple to understand, but people still tried to sneak by.


The requirements are spelled out before you even get to the application page...


Who can be an official NPORA Member?


Eligible members must be active members on the NPORA Forums. You must have a minimum of 100 posts, and a minimum of 1 years membership on the forum.


On top of that, there are also check boxes that ask if you meet the requirements and we verify each new applicants eligibility before moving forward with a member page. Because of the number of people who simply ignored those conditions, the applications from anyone who applies but do not qualify are simply deleted. Besides being a big waste of everyones time, it's not fair to those who patiently waited if we add those who did not, before them.

*If you applied prior to being eligible, then you will need to reapply again to be considered.*




To those who have applied and are waiting for a new page:

Pezzy and I have been busy lately and I see that there are some pending apps, They are not lost or forgotten, and I will try and get to a many of them as I can, as soon as possible, But again, any that were submitted prior to being eligible, will be deleted.

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I would like to take a moment to thank msavides for including ALL the necessary information and also for abiding by all the stated requirements.


Thank you Mark! Your page is now up on www.nissanpathfinders.net :beer:



And although I was beating my head against the wall sorting through the many applications that did not qualify (most were not even close) there was one other that had "almost" all the required info. Fleury's, if you are quick to send in the pics you promised, I'll overlook the fact that they are supposed to be submitted with the app and I'll add your page. But only because I was so happy to see that some people can follow the time/post requirements!





FYI to everyone, if you do not meet the requirements (1yr & 100posts and yes, we DO check ;) ) WHEN you apply and do not submit pictures with your application, then it gets deleted. You have no idea how many we get that do not qualify, it's a total waste of Pezzy's and my own time... please don't do that! As a result we don't even give it a second thought anymore, we just press delete P...

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Three new members pages were just added






Welcome Guys thumbsup.gif

You all should have an email with direct links to your pages.




Hey B, your page was added a while back I just forgot to post up a notice chair.gif




For those who applied but do not have a page, please READ the membership requirements BEFORE submitting the application, it would save ALL of us a bunch of time if you would. We check the eligibility of all applicants before creating them page. You must meet those requirements in order to join togo.gif

You are of course welcome to reapply once you meet these requirements


For those who did apply and did meet the requirements... pictures are required. If you do not submit pictures with your app, we skip over it and move on to the next. We do not want to have blank pic spots on our members lists and pages.

If that is the reason you do not see a page up here you are welcome to resubmit an app with pictures attached.

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