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  1. Yeah this time of october always seems to be an issue
  2. Well unless more people decide to go, I'm going to cancel. Not really any point in driving 800 miles round trip if its only me and kyle. Even the jeepers aren't going
  3. I'm heading over friday morning, and staying the night up there.
  4. Anyone have a dslr I could borrow for the trip, would like to get some decent pics to go with videos
  5. A way I can always find quick cash, besides the pawn shop, check the "gigs" section on craigslist. I don't know about your area, but here there's almost always a, dig this hole, mow my lawn, haul this trash for 30 bucks kinda deals going on. I got 150 once to dig a home for an egress window. Only took 2 hours. Give it a look, might find something to help you along
  6. Well jim, my dash cam mount showed up today, you'll have lots of 1080p video to watch
  7. funny thing, i make more than you now. and you wouldnt be talking condoms if your wife has cancer, her reproductive abilities are finished after this, and she can possibly lose her life. course you cant hang on to anything with long hair, besides david.
  8. Man pickles, you're makin me jealous getting all that work done lol. What's funny about the run this year, being at evans creek again, my wife is pregnant for this one too, just not near as far along as 4 years ago
  9. Hey we're 2 weeks out, think its time for the official role call! Going: Skulptr Maybe: Not going:
  10. Well I was promoted a few months ago, and my raise was finally finalized this week, there's a chance I can make this one! Id love to hit up evans creek again, sad news though, I'll be driving a jeep now....
  11. yeah, cause out of everyone that goes, I'm the only one who has to spend several hundred bucks just to get to the run and back. almost all of you can get to the wheeling spots and back on the same tank, not to mention being single and makin way more money.
  12. here's a thought, is there ANY place to wheel that is not on the west side of the mountains? maybe IN the mountain range somewhere? i'd sure love to bring the 720 out to play
  13. With a 3" backspace I ran 33x12.5 with no spacers and stock suspension. Zero rubbing.
  14. skulptr


    I added another, but my angel and demon are still in waiting, should be starting it in the next couple weeks.

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