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  1. Too me it makes sense to blur your license plate online when just posting pictures of your car. Especially if you don't want to be personally connected to your online identity. Or you are worried about someone stealing your numbers or something. But yeah, when selling a car it makes no sense. Yeah someone else told me that too. A quick google search shows that there are Federal protections against it: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2721 But I guess its up to each state to interpret that.
  2. So I have been doing a lot of vehicle searching on craigslist. As such I bought a subscription to carfax. Carfax now allows you to run vehicles via the license plate, which is pretty handy because a lot of pictures have the license plate and not the Vin #. However, about 70% of the listings have the license plate blurred out or obscured. For the life of me I can not think of a good reason to obscure your license plate number. Especially on craigslist. The funny thing is, some people post their VIN # and blur out their license plate. There is no legal way to find out someones address or personal information from a license plate #. You already put your name, phone number, general location and description of your vehicle in the Ad. Your license plate is visible to the whole world when you drive If I wanted your license plate number for nefarious activities I would ask to come see the vehicle and then write it down. You are selling the vehicle What do you think? -Mike
  3. Well the truth is I am really not that torn up about it. Also, I kind of want to blame it on the guy I sold it to because he was such a PITA when I was selling it to him. Glad it is donating parts to people and not just crushed. There was a lot of brand new parts on it
  4. So in December of 2011 I sold this pathfinder because I was broke and the replacement vehicle I bought (the Sentra) got way better gas mileage. The guy I sold it to bought it to take on Ski trips up on the pass. I saw it around town a couple of times after that. Fast forward 2.5 years. I have put over 65,000 miles on my Sentra (yeah I drive a lot). It's been a good car but now I am looking to get another vehicle and want a 4x4 again! Decided to do a VIN# check on my old pathfinder to see if it was still around, thought about maybe buying it back if the guy still owned it. The last entry in Carfax is: 01/02/2014 Texas Damage Report Vehicle at automotive recycler facility Vehicle parts offered for sale CARFAX recommends checking for damage during your pre-purchase inspection. Kind of sucks to see that some dude took the first car I ever owned beat it to death and wrecked it. Especially after all the work I put into that thing. Not sure why it ended up in Texas? The last emissions test was just a few months before that in WA. Didn't say that it was totaled or anything. So now I am on the hunt for another Pathy, or some other 4x4 goodness. This time it will be a secondary vehicle so I can make it even more of an offroader Onward!
  5. I already have a cheap "bulldog" security system installed, unfortunately after 3 years it stopped working about 4 months before the pathy got stolen. I know right? It was nice to feel like the police are actually here to help me. I think I am going to do two things: 1) I am going to install a kill switch for when I park in shady areas 2) I am going to get another alarm However, now I am faced with a dilemma. During the 3 weeks where my pathfinder was gone, I bought a little 94 nissan sentra. Super ugly, but it gets 30mpg (pathy gets 15 or 16 on a good day). Now that I drive to work I am driving close to 500 miles a week. My insurance company keeps bugging me about re-insuring the pathfinder, but I don't have the cash right now. I don't want to sell it, but then again I don't want to pay insurance on it if I am not using it. -Mike
  6. It was found on 177th Pl just up from 1st Ave (at the apartment complex there). Which is really funny because it was parked about 2 blocks from my parents house. Well everything turned out pretty good No body damage and no interior damage. The only thing is the inside smells strong of weed and it looks like they left their joints burning on my dash (so little burn marks and ashes everywhere). The officer on scene called me at 9:30AM yesterday while I was at work (in Redmond) and asked if I could come pick it up. He said: "well its illegally parked so I should tow it but if you can pick it up sometime today I wont." So I called my parents who went down there and picked it up for me. Also, the officer said that the parking enforcement lady didn't give me a ticket because it was stolen and said she would not give it any tickets while it was parked there. So it all worked out really well, didn't have to pay any tickets, didn't have to pay any impound or towing fees.. and no damage. They stole my digital camera (stupid me left it in there), and they stole my box of emergency supplies and tools. The best part of all, from my box of emergency stuff they dug around and threw out my recovery strap (from RedPath88 secret santa 2008), and threw out my jumper cables... Both of which are the only things I use from the emergency box...lol Thanks for keeping your eyes out guys, -Mike
  7. They found it because it was illegally parked and the parking enforcement ran my plates and it came up stolen. It was a good thing that it was illegally parked otherwise it could have been months before someone called it in. -Mike
  8. My stolen pathy was found today :)

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  9. Found! (Three weeks later) They found my pathy this morning, it was illegally parked out front of some apartment buildings like a block away from my parents house in Burien. Not sure of the extent of the damage yet, the officer told me that the ignition and doors looked fine, so it looks like they had a key, of some kind. Apparently they stole the speakers out of it (I am more worried about what they did to get to the speakers than about the speakers), but they left the stereo. I will let you guys know more once I get to take a look at her. -Mike
  10. Ha I love that windows sticker. I don't know whats wrong with people either, I can't imagine ever stealing someones car. Still no news, it's just now been a week. Apparently if they aren't recovered within the first 72 hours your chances of getting it back goes way down. But I am still hopeful. Oh and I found out just a few days ago that I had comprehensive on my pathy (which was news to me) so after 21 days (two more weeks)they will cut me a check for it if it doesn't return. It bluebooks nicely, so it won't be a bad check hopefully. The problem is if it comes back after I take the check they get my pathy, and there is no way I can buy it back from them. They said that I would have to go to the auction house they sell it to and bit on it just like any other buyer. -Mike
  11. Well still no news on the pathy... The cop told me they have an 80% vehicle recovery rate, but it just takes some time. In the mean time I bought a 1994 Nissan Sentra as a temporary replacement vehicle. It's got bad paint but only 127k miles,A/C and cruise from original owner, and I paid only $1400. Thanks for keeping your eyes out guys! -Mike
  12. Yep,there is an old NPORA sticker on the back (white), it has BFG AT's with stock lego rims, Custom license plate "KD7LAX", and a small mag mount ham radio antenna on the top. It also has heavily tinted front windows and even darker in the back, roof rack, OEM running boars/footsteps. It has this dent on the rear drivers side hand side: And this one on the front drivers side: I hate them thieves too...
  13. Hey Guys, So my pathfinder got stolen today at the GreenLake Park and Ride. If you live in the area ( I know a lot of us do) please keep your eyes peeled. License plate: "KD7LAX" , dark tinted windows, nice sounding exhaust Thanks guys.. -Mike
  14. Well I just moved out of my parents house a few weeks ago (where all my, and my dads tools are at), into an apartment near school. So yeah, I pretty much stripped the screw because I didn't have a good angle with the screw driver I had. After I stripped it and broke the cap I limped it home and finished the job there with the right tools. I found what works well for taking the screws out from under the plenum (at least for the #4) was a 1/4 Phillips head socket attached to a ratcheting driver. Slid right in there and it was easy to do. Live and learn But it only took one day and its running fantastic! Better than it has in a while. I am thinking I might just go ahead and replace the rest of them this winter break just for tune up sake. (and yes I replaced all the o-rings and seals and lubricated them). -Mike

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