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Secret Santa Gift Suggestions


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OK folks this is the thread in which you post ideas for what your Santa should get you!



To all US members who got a Canadian member mail your stuff ASAP. Due to the strong Canadian Dollar a lot of Canadians are having stuff shipped to them from the US. Thus customs is getting clogged. So send it now so it will get there before Xmas!


Amazon.com wishlists are perfectly acceptable, but you should give your Santa a bit of information about what you like too so they can be creative. If you're only going to do an Amazon list make sure to have a range of dollar value items. Don't just have it be full of HDTV's and other expensive stuff.


So here's mine:


I enjoy many typical geeky things: video games, movies, TV, and books. I also enjoy photography, and

amature DJ'ing.



I have a PS3 and a PS2.


I enjoy comedies, horror movies, and sci fi/fantasy movies. Blu-Ray movies are encouraged.


My favorite TV shows are Rome, Deadwood, South Park, Venture Brothers, and CSI.


I like science fiction and fantasy books. Piers Anthony, Robert Asprin, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and Phillip Jose Farmer are my favorite authors.


I have a Canon Powershot S3 IS camera. I don't really need anything for it except maybe the telephoto lens.


I am just getting interested in Digital DJ'ing. So DJ software or digital hardware would be a wonderful surprise (I have a Mac: 1.42Ghz G4 iBook so keep that in mind if you want to buy me software).


I need a tow strap. I still don't have one. Oh and a hitch if you're feeling *very* generous.


I also enjoy anime and manga. I prefer comedy and action anime.


I wear a size Large t-shirt.


If you send me something NSFW it had better be damned f*cking clever.


Oh yes alcohol is a fine gift as well. Tequilla and Rum are my favorite types of alcohol. No beer or wine



And if you can't think of anything good based on that here's my Amazon list: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/A2IV5CXP72IO

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Holy over kill Pathman :lol:

j/k loads of Ideas for your Santa Andrew :aok:


As I said to Evan buying in New Zealand would a) save on shipping and b ) no shipping delays :aok: but up to you.


That's prolly about the best NZ site, but feel free to look around

I like DVD's, one's I don't have are: Serenity, Star Wars (any), Alien (any), Transformers or any to do with offroading (just not Dust to glory or Dezert people1-4)

I can always use more NPORA stickers (white) or a T-shirt (also white XL)

Any spare (little) parts for my Pathfinder (no Dan used R50 parts don't count) :lol:

I'd really love an Offroad DVD (I'm easy) or one of these would be great http://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/hilift-handl...-red-p-301.html

Remember "You can't always get what ya want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what ya need" :lol:

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I think SC88 is hoping to get the millionaire Santa... :D


Another thing to mention for anyone sending to Canada from the states (or elsewhere) be sure to mark the package as a gift, otherwise we'll get dinged with duty & brokerage. YAY customs!


My Santa, if you want to know more about me read this:



Or you can PM Simon for ideas... :D

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I'd greatly enjoy having a Fullmetal Alchemist series or movie DVD. I already have the #1 series DVD, so anything but #1. I also just have a normal DVD player, no Blue-Ray if that helps. I know anime DVD's are spendy, so I don't EXPECT any of these if it's on the upper edge of your price range, OK? :D Adult Swim's "Venture Brothers" or "Harvey Birdman" would also be great!


My shirt size is L, just in case.


I don't play video games, so never mind that. A 1 or 2 GB micro-SD card would be cool. I could add it to my new cellphone and store tunes!


A relatively cheap idea would be a magazine subscription! How about Rock & Gem, Peterson's Off-Road or one of the other popular off-road magazines besides Jeep-centric ones? ;)


I wouldn't mind having a few more NPORA decals if anyone has extras, either.


My Warn XD9000i winch is missing the remote control cable...anyone have a spare or slightly broken winch remote? :D


Um...I could also use a 19mm GearWrench or equivalent...I bought a Harbor Freight set of ratchet wrenches and they didn't come with a 19. :(


Good rough or cut rough rock or lapidary material would be cool. I collect all kinds of rocks and minerals.

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Fav restaurant: Swiss Chalet



I could use a new truck :tonguefinger:



But seriously, I could use some npora decals as well, none of my pathys have any! what a shame


I like classic rock and indie music.


I could use an SD memory card (just a cheapie one!)for my new camera that only came with a 32 meg :shiftyeyes:


I'm a simple kind of guy :lol:


oh and i need more tools haha


just a few more:


- i just got a new pathfinder so any little things to make it mine would be nice

- Gas gift certificates are ALWAYS welcome!

- I like my shirts XL

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I think SC88 is hoping to get the millionaire Santa... :D


The more ideas I give the more my Santa will have to choose from, increasing the surprise factor when my package arrives. :D


I'm not saying they have to buy me all of it. Although if you do I certainly won't complain. ;)

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NPORA stickers (like 3) & a windshiled thingy like slick has with "unccpathfinder" would be good with me...but when catch up to the alcohol I might have a better opinion


or a couple npora stickers and an XL t-shirt...or whatevers good...a VSS and internal components would be nice...but whatever's good I'm not picky




sorry im a cheap fkr but thats my upbringin's

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half german and half redneck haha


I also never received any messages or emails on who I should have for a SS so hope I didn't get overlooked in the other thread...


I'd say shoot NismoSkyz a message...

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I got my SS address today also.


I can definitely use a tow rope. That's probably on the top of my list. Something without hooks just loops.


Also a larger USB flash drive would be nice. Something at least a gig. I've got plenty of DJing stuff and vinyl so I'm set there but anything that would be useful for the Pathy is always appreciated.


Ipods are always welcome ;)

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I'm easy.. anything will do.. or nothing at all is perfectly fine too :lol:


hmm, things that come to mind.. a mag subscription to just about any non-jeep based publication would be cool. Something with high Toyota and/or Nissan content would be best.


I could use a recovery strap (hoops not hooks) to replace the aging cheapies that I have.


A couple D-Rings (is that the right term?) for an ARB would also be welcomed.


Winning lottery numbers would be sweet... I'll even share! :D


If you can't tell this is not a strong subject for me.. the family has always hated that fact about me :luagh:






***By no means should you feel that you need or have to spend a lot***





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got my SS addy. like i didn't already KNOW it rolmao. nice choice evan! :beer:


as for what i want. *snorts* i want king to run RIGHT :rant2: however. there, i am asking for a miracle, so i guess i'd settle for another NPORA t shirt (black of course.. 2x).........


uh....... a 3" body lift bolt :bounce:

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I'm easy. Shirt size is XL. I never refuse tools. A hi-lift would be nice but shipping would suck. a GPS maybe. Explosives are always a winner. Thundereggs, geodes or cool crystals (the kids love stuff like that and would probably reallocate them from me). A cheap DVD player so I don't have to use my hacked one to play everyday movies. A new set of BFG AT/KO's (31's... I'm still stock). Toys work for me too.

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I dropped a few people out of the running (2 or 3), thus the wrong address. However, everyone still has one secret santa and one giftee.




On another note, I would love an NPORA shirt, size L or XL, you pick. If that's not possible, anything else that you can think of would be great.


I also like cigars (the kind you get at a tobacco shop, not phillies or swisher sweets). Acid is currently my favorite brand.



Oh, and I apologize for the lateness of the addresses. I was on my break and I didn't bring my laptop home so I had to do it from my parents pc. I got quite a nasty pm for being a few days late ;)

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