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  1. Sounds great! Definitely get rid of that "S" intake pipe. It's way too restrictive and you'll notice an even bigger difference. I did this years ago but I found a cheap straight pipe off of Ebay that had 2 vacuum ports to it and used that for set up along with my JWT Popcharger. IIRC it was like around $20.
  2. That's a nice set up! Griot's is pretty good stuff but there are a lot of high end shampoos, waxes, sealants etc. But being that this is a mobile car washing service rather than a mobile detailing service, I'm sure that most of the stuff being used can be found off the shelf at any big box store. Been detailing cars for friends and family for the past 10 years. I personally use 1Z Einszett products. Their Polish and Glanz wax are amazing. Add some Sonax wheel cleaner, IronX and some clay bars and your car will look amazing. Edited for typo.
  3. DJ Dank

    Liquid A$$

    LOL yup. I remember those smelling like rotten eggs...This stuff is indescribable. It truly is amazing.
  4. DJ Dank

    Liquid A$$

    Has anyone ever heard of Liquid Ass? It's this liquid that comes in a little spray bottle that you use to prank others. I got my hands on a bottle of the stuff and it is the most absolute putrid thing I have ever smelled. are some pretty funny videos on YT of people pranking others with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvTAb5sLMuM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmk8S6wBTFg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRMT7eCYjYg
  5. Yup, I don't have cajones to buy a car without seeing it and driving it first. As nice as that car may seem, I only know what the seller wants me to know and I'm going with my gut and passing on that one. I am looking at a car in the Denver area that fits the bill too but it's silver. The dealer is also offering a free 3yr/100k Warranty through a third party company which gives me some sort of peace of mind. Plus it would only be a $200 flight there and 11 hour drive back. I was concerned about the ride height too but it has coilovers and I would never have it ride that low. No pot holes in Montana, just grated dirt roads with giant mud holes. But then again, that's why I'm keeping the Pathy. This will be the main grocery getter.
  6. The seller is in Danbury/Bethel area I believe. He gets the car tuned at a place in Bethel. I would be looking for someone to take a look at it, in about 2 weeks.
  7. I'm looking at a 2005 Subaru WRX that I am interested purchasing but I'm in Montana and the seller is in CT. I've never bought a car sight unseen before and the thought of doing that is a little unnerving. As much as I want to trust the seller's word, when it comes to that kind of money, I'm apprehensive. I know I can spend around $150 to have a third party go and inspect the car, test drive it and give it a '150 point' inspection... I'd be more inclined to see if there was someone on here in the CT area who knows a little something about cars and take a look. Anyone ever bought a car sight unseen?
  8. Hmm...I just started experiencing the same thing but at higher RPMS. I drive over a mountain pass daily and on the approach/incline, if I have the pedal down all the way, it will sometimes start surging. I actually have to let off the gas slightly and then it's like something kicks in and it starts accelerating.
  9. Thank you to my SS for my 4 Wheeling Bible book! I'm not sure if it's going to be best on the coffee table or the bathroom collection.
  10. DJ Dank


    I figure I'd join in on the action. Here's one I got when I was living in Maui, on my back.
  11. I was plagued with EVAP issues for a while before I figured out it was my vent control valve that was stuck in an open position due to all the water crossings I did. Luckily there was no charcoal in the lines. A tiny bit of WD40 freed the valve and allowed it to open and close. Now couldn't charcoal in the lines possibly be related to issues with the vent control valve? If it was stuck closed maybe?
  12. Happy Birthday guys!
  13. I think it looks good. I remember doing this to my Pathy when I first got it. I've had it like this for 8 years now and countless water crossings and have nothing negative to report.
  14. That's a bummer. Next time I am in Spokane or drive through, I'll have to set something up. What happened to Casey T and Oliver? I've wheeled with those guys at the ORV park.
  15. I've seen plenty of lifted R50's back in 2000-2005 when I lived in Spokompton. I remember seeing one at the ORV park a few times.
  16. Did a quick Google image search and was able to find the JWT just like the one I had.
  17. Yo FUELER! Yeah I been around but just lurkin. lol Funny my JWT didn't have an open end like your pic. It looked identical to the K&N but with blue filter. edit: both of mine were closed end.
  18. For what its worth, I had the JWT Pop charger paired with a metal pipe from an ebay kit that replaced the stock "S" tube. I had this setup for a few years until I just replaced the filter recently. I just replaced the filter with a K&N cone filter that is pretty much identical to the JWT Pop Charger. Part #RC-2960XD, Universal X-Stream Clamp-on Air Filter.
  19. Yeah I never officially found out the motive but I know it was all about the parking. He wasn't liking having to walk an extra 20 feet to his brother's house. He is an old man, remember! The 4runner does need new tires bad as its been garaged all winter because of the amount of snow on the roads. But I am contemplating selling it. I really can't justify having 2 SUV's, even though I own both of them and they are all paid for. I'd love to get me a small car.
  20. UPDATE: I had my day in court today. He had prior court appearances with his lawyer a couple of months ago and still plead not guilty. Well today, he changed his plea to GUILTY for a lesser charge. His charge got dropped from a felony to misdemeanor and he has to pay full restitution. No jail time but he has a year of probation. Had to testify for the restitution part of it and gave the whole story of the incident. The old man was cringing in his seat, couldn't even look at me. It was quite the sight. He paid the restitution immediately so I should be getting a nice check really soon. Thank god it's finally over!
  21. I'm not sure how I'd feel about having that bolt head sticking out like that. I'd think that bolt would get sheared right off?
  22. Soooo....some new developments. I haven't mentioned that my fiance has been followed to work by this douchbag. But this 60 year old is in for a surprise as she works at a car dealership and like me, the mechanics won't put up with it. A warrant was issued for his arrest. I found this out on Friday. Apparently he has 11 listed addresses and the police have had a tough time finding him. He had a little league game today ::rollseyes:: and I was able to find his car and got the cops to pick his a$$ up. What a great sight, watching the cops handcuff him and haul him away. Tomorrow, I go to the courthouse to find out the court date and see to it I get my $$$.
  23. I'm lucky that I drive less than 10 miles round trip to work. I looked at the gas prices back on Maui and I am SOOOOOO glad I'm not living there anymore. $4.54 is the current price and I was driving 35 miles each way to work back then.

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