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  1. Hi all, I am no longer a R50 owner and I have a needle bearing that should find a home before I throw it away. Looks like the part # is 40588-88G00. It is just 1 needle bearing that I thought was causing my front left wheel to squeal. Its free to anyone + plus shipping via paypal. Email me at kevinpatrickmoran@gmail.com if you want it. Thanks for everyone's help over the years, -Kevin
  2. Does anyone have a picture of solenoid connected to wiring handy? I just had one rebuilt and the power wire doesn't want to line up to the post. It seems as if they may have installed the solenoid backwards. Either that or I am having the worst time getting the wire to flex enough to mount properly. Thanks, Kevin
  3. Ya, I can see that. I am personally not into upgrading too much, more of just understanding everything about the vehicles I own. This has definitely been the best value vehicle I have ever bought (R50). I am going to buy a new used SUV this Spring and wanted to find out what folks think of the R51. I am also looking at the standard "cute yutes" of highlander, 4runner, sequoia, and pilot. To me Nissan seems to be the best value out there. I am appalled at home much folks will pay for a used 4runner with 90k miles on it. With any luck, I'll be posting on this forum regularly in the next couple months. Cheers, Kevin
  4. Why are there so few threads started in the 2005+ forum? I am looking to upgrade my R50 and was shocked to see very little talk on the boards about upgrades, likes, dislikes, projects, FAQ's, etc. -Kevin
  5. It was doing nothing at all, like the unit wasn't receiving power. Since tapping on it, I have started and stopped about 6 different times with no issues. -Kevin
  6. So when my starter is failing like this and all it takes is a couple taps on the solenoid or starter to get it going, what part do I need to replace? Just the solenoid or the whole unit? -Kevin
  7. Vandalization where I come from doesn't happen too often. You can pretty much leave your doors unlocked to your car and house and chances are nothing will happen. Plus it was in front of a business so I don't think anyone would have thought anything of it.
  8. Many thanks to all!!!! It worked. Drove to where the pfinder wouldn't start this morning, tried again and nothing. Crawled underneath and found the starter and solenoid. Banged on it a couple times with a hammer, then tried to start it and wouldn't you know it, it fired right up. I really appreciate the help. This saved me a huge towing bill, a mechanics bill, and about 4-6 hours of additional commuting time as I would have had to driven back home and possible driven up to the mountain town a couple times just to get it repaired. We made it home fine and now I can simply just replace the starter this upcoming weekend. It is a good day thanks to NPORA!!!! -Kevin
  9. Hi all, I am up in a mountain town and I think my starter just died. I have read and been told that sometimes you can bang on the starter and it will do something then work just fine. Where is the starter located on a 97 automatic? And any truth to the bang on the starter fix? I am really hoping to avoid a tow and mechanics bill. -Kevin
  10. I have the Yakima Load Warrior. I am thoroughly impressed with the durability and load. I have stuck a ton of crap up there with the net keeping it all safe. The thing I would warn about is the factory cross bars if you plan on using them. I snapped one in half driving around logging roads in Idaho looking for a place to camp. I would run Yakima or Thule bars if you plan on putting some serious weight up top. -Kevin
  11. For lowers, I went to NAPA which carried a couple different brands, but one brand was around $20 per joint. No issues so far but I don't have many miles on them. Other places wanted around $90 including Nissan OEM. I have a 97 with high miles so as long as it works, that is good enough for me. -Kevin
  12. I have a similar problem that has been a nightmare to fix. I replaced rotors, pads, calipers and had the brakes bled. The bearings have only about 30,000 miles on them. My last bet is the needle bearing inside the knuckle that I am unable to remove because it must require some tool that nobody has but Nissan. So know I live with this awful squeal until we get a new rig. Good luck and let me know if you ever fix this issue.
  13. I pulled one off a wrecked rig and for a week or so I was good without a CEL light. I haven't pulled the code so i am not sure if I still have some EVAP issues or not. I think my pathfinder is dying a slow death. Cracked windshield with a run 2 feet long...check. CEL light on and I don't really care...check. Terrible squeaky wheel/hub/bearing from something I can't figure out...check. But it still drives just fine. -Kevin

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