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  1. Love the truck rim stools,very unique?
  2. mbro

    Alignment ??

    Thanks for the reply,I'm pretty sure they were toast when i had it aligned in Nov. when I got new tires.Sadly they didn't notice that when they aligned it. I've replaced the bushings and going back to have them check it and the tie rods to see if everything is good. Thanks for the input. Michael
  3. mbro

    Alignment ??

    Hey Guys, For the last couple months I,ve been getting a clunk on full turns. I recently discovered my rack bushings were shot. If I replace those, because I've moved the rack will I need an alignment? Thanks for any input. Michael
  4. Had an oil leak when i first got my 98. There was a tip on here about tightening the screw around the VCs. Not cranking on them just a turn or two ( they are plastic).that and Blue Devil oil stop leak every oil change for about a year. Now i get a drop every once in awhile
  5. Replaced mine about six months ago.Surprised how tough it was to get on,a little heat from a blow dryer and it slid right on.
  6. Just an FYI, had my door panels off last weekend(new speakers) the screw in the pull handle does not need to be undone,it stays on the door. Just remove the decorative ring. One less step,just saying.
  7. I've popped the ones on the back of my seats, to tighten the small clips that hold my seatbelts.They make tools for popping those,just a plastic fork in a kit, harbor freight has them for cheap. comes with molding tools also. I had extra clips I got from JY in case of breakage.
  8. I vote out. My rig is white and I like the contrast of white on the black.
  9. 62 or is it 26?? Can't remember, Lol
  10. I like it stock as well, great color,Im also a fan of the raised white lettering on tires, looks good.
  11. Since you where able to black out everything before, try doing just the flares and leave the wheels so we can see!
  12. That's a good point, my intake boot was cracked in several places under the clamp that you couldn't see when I took it off to clean intake. Had to be sucking air.
  13. Clogged fuel filter?? Just throwing it out there!
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